Personal Year Numbers Explained

In the study of Numerology you will come across something called personal year numbers. These number can provide insight into the type of energy that will be surrounding you in the next calendar year of your life. Working in tandem with the global year number, a personal year number helps us to plan and prepare... Continue Reading →

Numerology Loop part 3

Welcome back my unconventional conventionalists! It's time for the third installment of my study of, what I seem to be calling, the Numerology Loop. I can't say that I love the name, but quite like when my mother unexpectedly concieved me, it just sort of happened and so now it's here and I have to... Continue Reading →

Numerology Loop Part 2

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of my blog where I'm exploring and expanding upon intermediate Numerology and Tarot concepts. If you haven't read the previous post about my theory of the numerology loop I highly suggest that you do that first. Today we're going to talk about the numbers 83-86, as well... Continue Reading →

January Numerology Report

Before we can properly talk about 2019, I think it's imperative that we reflect on 2018. I think I can speak for the majority of us in saying that it was a wild year. Astrologically we know this to be true, what with all those summer eclipses forcing us to deal with our life's garbage.... Continue Reading →

Numerology Loop

I began my study of Numerology in the winter of 2015 after coming across it in Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. I was drawn to it instantly, feeling that this was something I have always been meant to study, maybe I'd even studied it in a past life. You see I used to do... Continue Reading →

The Cups Suit as Songs

The suit of cups in the minor arcana is all about our receptive emotional selves and what is more emotional than music? To paraphrase Dumbledore, it is a magic beyond all that we do here. We've all heard a song and felt a deep knowing, a solid connection, an ineffable desire to dance. From sound... Continue Reading →

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