The Cups Suit as Songs

The suit of cups in the minor arcana is all about our receptive emotional selves and what is more emotional than music? To paraphrase Dumbledore, it is a magic beyond all that we do here. We've all heard a song and felt a deep knowing, a solid connection, an ineffable desire to dance. From sound... Continue Reading →

What’s Yo Birth Cards?

In tarot there are 22 cards known as the Major Arcana. These cards depict Joseph Cambell's monomyth, AKA the hero's journey, AKA what you learned about in High school English when you were reading the Odyssey. When doing a reading, these cards tell us about the big stuff that is happening in our lives, when... Continue Reading →

Peripherals, a short story

It's the week of Halloween, a time when we are more susceptible to the subtle energies of our 3D world. This is known as the thinning of the veil, the veil being what usually blocks us from the spirit world. About a year and a half ago I started seeing things out of the corners... Continue Reading →

A Witches Guide to Mental Health

In September I was slapped across the face with a bout of depression. I don't use that term lightly, I have lived through intense depression before and have suffered the consequences of that hopeless state of mind. So, in the grand scheme of things it wasn't close to my worst depression, but it was still... Continue Reading →

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