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Numerology can be a great tool for reflection and and guidance. It will allow you to look deeper into the building blocks that make you the unique person you are.

Tarot is a beautiful practice which helps one to analyze the current situation and better prepare for the future. Whether you have a specific question or are just curious about tarot, the cards will have something to tell you.

Email me to discuss which package you are interested in

Numerology-I charge $5 per number calculated. Numbers available are Life Path, Soul, Personality, Destiny, Maturity, Personal Year and Month, Karmic Numbers and Arrows. For explanations of the numbers click here.

Tarot- I charge $4 per card. You can tell me everything about the issue or place in your life that you are seeking guidance in, or you can tell me absolutly nothing. I create a spread and tell you the price for you to confirm before we proceed.

Reoccurring readings-Monthly, bi monthly, weekly, you set the price and I will do scheduled readings combining both numerology and tarot.

payments are currently being accepted via venmo. Once the payment is received I will begin calculating and writing up your results.

Email me to order your reading now! Or email me just to chat, I’m pretty cool.

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