Customer Testimonials

Jasmine gave me a numerology and tarot reading and I would recommend her to everyone I know. Her reading was thorough, detailed, and insightful. She takes a very complex subject matter and breaks it down so it’s easy to understand and helps you figure out your DAMN LIFE. Jasmine is my spiritual guide for life. Let the girl read you, you won’t be disappointed.-Jordan, Scorpio

I loved my reading so much, and I’ve recommended Jasmine to pretty much anyone who will listen. Everything was very easy on my end and my reading was extremely thorough. The amount of effort and passion that went into it was clear from the very first line.-Kate, Pisces

The numerology and tarot package was a steal. It allowed me to view myself in a different light and offered new insight into my life. I loved the numerology aspect of the reading. If you’re looking for answers, the tarot will leave you with more questions because it will touch on things you may not understand or see about yourself, situation and life. Definitely recommend!!!-Karyn, Sagittarius


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