A Stone for Every Occasion

I’m a passionate numerologist (that’s not a special branch of numerology I’m just super jazzed about the subject) and one of the most influential parts of this metaphysical study is the implications of our personal year numbers. These are derived from the numbers in our most recent birthdays.

A few months ago, while in a crystal shop with my mom and sister, I was drawn to orange calcite. My sister had suggested that she’d buy me a crystal as a then early christmas present. I wasn’t sure I needed another crystal, I have quite a few already and I don’t like having an excess of things, but this guy jumped out at me. As soon as I picked this orange calcite up my thumb began to rub the semi polished stone as if it knew exactly what to do, as if this wasn’t the first time me and this stone had met.

Being such a dense subject, I didn’t know off the top of my head what the modalitites of this particular stone was, so I grabbed the little reference booklet they had out and flipped to the page about orange calcite.

Orange Calcite, Used to get positive energy moving in the areas of sexuality and creativity.

I thought, “that’s exactly what a 5 personal year vibe is all about!” And at the time, I was rapidly approaching my 5 personal year (I’m fully in it now). 

I want to create more art and I want to have more sex! This is my 5 personal year stone! This sparked a new thought, what stones could be used for our benefit during our other 8 personal years?

There are few things I love more than being able to combine different studies relating to esoterics and spirituality… and those few things are all doughnuts.

This is the year of new beginnings, taking action, and trusting yourself. This is the start of the cycle, so buckle up! I really couldn’t pick one stone for this year. To be honest, I’m sure that as my life continues on slowly towards the final annihilation that is death, I will find many more stones that can be worn and carried for each of the 9 personal years. 

Clear quartz is great because it is the ultimate blank slate, you can charge and imbue these bad boys to whatever frequency you want. It’s also a great stone to connect us to the Universe as well as our fellow (wo)man. So if you feel called to use it during your next 1 personal year I suggest that you charge and fill this baby up with whatever hopes and dreams you’re looking to bring into your life in the next 9 years. You ask the clear quartz and you shall recieve it. Keep it in your pocket or by you bed to make your dreams come true.

Now I was also drawn to Rhyolite as it is a stone of change and progress, two things that are inherent in a 1 personal year. It’s good at helping you to bring dreams into reality and a year 1 is the best time to do that! It’ll make you feel more self assured if you wear it, especially if you put it in your bra (just saying). It’ll keep you grounded in the present, while also utilizing the lessons of the past and breaking down barriers for the future. I mean, very year 1 if you ask me.

This is the year of noticing, taking in all the details, making important decisions, leaning into your intuition, and solidifying your realtionships. This year is a bit quieter, as all even numbered years are. It’s no wonder I couldn’t choose one stone for this year as it is the year of dualities.

I chose smoky quartz first and foremost because it’s about about clearing out worries and negative energies. This helps us in out 2 personal years because they can be a times of great indecision, when the relationships in your life are put into question. Smokey quartz is a very balancing stone, so the idea is if you can balance your energies more your life will reflect that balance. It’s a stone of intuition and cooperation, two things that play a huge role this year. I love carrying around a polished smoky quartz in my pocket, rubbing it when I need its support. I also keep one in my tarot sachet to keep the dark shit away. Plop a polished (it fucken must be polished otherwise is dangerous) stone into some water to clear out negative thoughts.

Moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. So it’s same same but different from smoky quartz. This stone also helps you to make decisions, but because of its lunar influence, it will also deepen your intuition. This is a good stone for new beginnings, so even though it’s the second year of your cycle it might still be helpful during any transitions that are still occuring. Carry this around and you’ll feel more confident, calm, and aware. I’ve heard that it’s not advised to wear moonstone during a full moon or when you’re on your period, but that’s never stoped me. Moonstone likes to hangout by your heart, so wear it on a neckalce if you can. 

This is the year of social engagements, long talks with old and new friends, learning new things, and expanding the boundaries of your world. It is a truly exciting vibration, but beware of gossip during this part of the cycle!

Citrine is a truly unique stone as it does not pick up negative energies like other stones. You actually never have to cleanse it, which is good because in a 3 personal year you won’t have a moment to spare. This stone is especially good for stimulating creativity and mental fortitude, which will help you be high vibe this year. The low vibe of this year bodes fights and gossiping among your circle so you gotta keep the sunshiny energy close. Citrine influences personal relationships, education and communication with others and with source energy. So yeah, keep that vibe up this year with one of these lovely stones in your pocket. Meditate with this guy when you can. Lean back and place it on your solar plexus.

This is a year when you need to hunker down and get your hands dirty. It’s a quieter year in the sense that you need to focus on what you need to do in order to make your life solid and secure. The keyword here is foundations.

Argonite is a stone that helps you to get insight into the base level of the problems you may face on the physical plane. 4 years can be very 3D focused and this stone can help be a guide for you as you work on making your physical reality refelct your inner worlds. Argonite is a stone that helps you to maintain a safe space when you are under a lot of stress, it’s a stone of getting shit done and being unafraid of responsibilities. Lastly, Argonite enhances reliability, practicality, and discipline which are all BIG personal year 4 moods. Keep some on your desk at work or any other space where you need to stay focused and grounded.

This is a year of fun! 5 is the number of change and excitement. It’s a year when everything you’be been building in the years leading up to it will be put to the test. Whatever no longer serves you will be taken away and that can hurt but it can also be incredibly inspiring. 

Orange Calcite is the reason for this whole post, it called out to me and said, “hey let’s work toget her babe! Boy, oh boy do I have some shit to tell you! Man, I was in the ground for a long time.”

This is an energizing and cleansing stone, which is good because you’re sure to encounter some BS in a 5 year. It will also balance your emotions in an unbalanced year. I mean, it won’t completely balance you, a 5 year is meant to rock and roll, but it will help you from hitting rock bottom. It helps to remove fear, reach your full potential, feel into your sexual power, and lean into your creativity. It’s literally the high vibration of a 5 personal year. I keep mine at my desk and cuddle it whenever it asks. Or, ya know, you could always get an orange calcite dildo!

This is a year when love is at the forefront of your thoughts and actions. You may need to bring your love inward to heal yourself, or you may feel called to open your arms to give love to your friends, family, and/or community. Service in the name of love, getting your health in order, and holding hands is all divinely guided this year.

I have two stones to chose from this year, as rose quartz is readily available and pretry cheap for my beginner witches and budget queens. It’s not that rhodonite is that much harder to find or much more expensive but rose quartz can be found so easily. Honestly, either one will do the trick, don’t over think it.

Rose quartz is the one to use if you’re feeling called to focus on self love. Self love is so necessary in a spiritual journey!! It’s the beginning of all magick, so if that’s what you need in a 6 year do it. Rose quartz allows us to slow down a bit which you’ll absolutly need after a 5 year. It will also bring peace to relationships by healing you as a portal for deeper love. It makes you more receptive to art and harmony, how very Venusian.

Rhodonite has a special place in my heart because my rhodonite necklace is from New Zealand and was marketed as New Zealand love stone. Me and my sister have matching ones. It brings connection to all things, so it’s a good one to use to help facilitate universal love. Like all love stones it will also provide you with the necessary calmness needed during this year. It helps to foster understanding in interpersonal relationships and will help to diminish anxiety as well.

All heart centered stones like these should be worn cloe to the heart or meditated with on your heart center. But as I’ve said before, in various ways, do what is right for you.

This is a year when you’ll be called to spend time alone thinking about the big picture. Who am I? What am I doing? What do I believe in? It can be a very expansive year, but as far as odd numbered years, it’s much slower than the others… at least on the physical plane; you’re mind self will be exhausted. Take long walks and be in nature. The color green always comes to mind when I think of 7 years, so commune with the trees.

Despite the fact that this particular fluorite isn’t green I think it’s a perfect summation of what to bring into your consciouness during a 7 personal year. This stone will help to dissrupt chaotic and disorganized growth in a year when growth is at the forefront. It brings order to chaos on the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental planes. This stone represents the height of intellectual thinking, the kind that breaks down the walls of conventional modes of thought to allow creative solutions and answers to flood. This stone aids in spiritual and psychic growth and will help elivate you to the next level. 

What I love about this stone is that it vibrates to the number 77, so poingnant. bring it with you in nature. Take it on a hike or camping trip. Let it talk to the trees and the birds before it talks to you.

8 years are hard to pin down. It’s a time of success and wealth, but it can also be a time of ruin and struggle. It’s a karmic year in which you will recieve everything you have been putting out into the world, maybe even times 3. Inhertence, death, rebirth, the occult, manifestation, karma, business, and unexpected things all fall under this strange and dark year.

So, black tourmaline is excellent at protecting the wearer from negative energy, which can circulate in this year. What I love about this stone is that, aside from keeping the bad juju at bay, it aids in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. I mean, no matter the year, we could all use some of that. This stone connects us to the earth and enhances our practical creativity. Pretty much, it’s gonna keep you sane and grounded.

For extra good juju (is this a culturally insensitive word? Honestly, tell me), bury this stone in a safe place around the full moon. I can exactly tell you why, I’m calircognizant and so it just popped into my brain. Someone out there needed to hear this and do it. This is for you, friend.

Ah, the 9 personal year, a time when success is wrapped up in endings and endings are wrapped up in beginnings. This is an optimistic year where helping others and helping yourself comes naturally.

Herkimer Diamonds provide delicate harmony, helps one to just be, and to surrender to the powers of the universe. 9 years can be a wild ride of joy and goodbyes as you enter the new cycle that is impending and this is a stone that helps one to begin again with ease. What else? It helps the user to connect to the oneness of the world, recognize that you are perfect as is, and clear out some of those unconscious fears that you don’t need in your next 1 year. It can also help bring out your clairaudient (“clear hearing”) and clairvoyant abilities (“clear seeing”), which we all have in varrying levels or strength.

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