Numerology Loop Part 4

Come one, come all and listen to me ramble on about tarot and numerology! Welcome back Kittens, we’re here today talking about the cards Death through The Tower as well as the numbers 91/1 through 94/4. These are some of the murkiest cards in the batch. They represent the change that happens during our lowest points.

But we’ll talk all about the dark depths of the human experience in just a moment, first let’s talk about the number 9 seeing as it is permeating the final cards in the cycle of the Major Arcana.

9 is the number of higher education, philisophy, travel, optimism, experience, and endings. Since it is the end of the single digit base numbers it expresses gain and loss simultaniously. It’s the dance between getting everything you wanted but having to release the past in order to begin a new cycle. Change is inherent, but as I previously stated, so is optimism.

The cards we’re going to look at in this post and the next are indeed the end of the heros journey and with the ending comes greater knowledge through pain and experience. These cards represent the highest expression of change and success through life’s education. To me it feels like a reminder that you get to decide if you walow in self pity or look for the wisdom in pain.

This is the card the represents the slow change and decay of dying situations and realtionships. It’s not abrupt but it can be scary. Think of it as peeling the layers and unnecessary things away from your life, stripping it down to the foundations (4). This is the latter part of the Hero’s Journey, where you’re separating yourself from youth and growing through pain and change. 

91/1 is the informed individual. It represents someone whose power comes from experience and what is the Death card if not one long uncomfortable experience?! I like that the base number 1 is influencing this card because it’s the numbers that represents acknowledging your own power, and Death in its highest form should make you feel powerful and self assured. After all, no interesting person lives a life without death.

Temperance is a card of alchemy. Take this, add that, and you have something completely new. There is a fine balance here, much like in the chemistry of baking, and so overindulgence is what is warned against in this card. This card asks us to seek balance. Honestly, it’s one of the cards that needs a new name though. Who uses the word temperance in 2019? So, this is also a card that I can’t say I fully understand in the same way I understand Death or the Fool.

But maybe the number 92/11 will help me in my understanding. 

What I first notice here is that when we look at the number 11 as a symbol it represents balance, side by side 1’s. 9 is the number of higher education and experience, 11 is the number of deep intuition and teaching or leading others.

But let’s not forget that 5 is the original base number here, and 5 is the number of change, chaos, indulgence, art, passion! So maybe the maiden often depicted in the Temperance card had a wild younger life that lead her towards balance. Honestly, she sounds a bit like me. 

This is thought of as a divorce card, one that speaks of control and abuse of power. Classically, we see the same characters who wed in the Lovers now suddenly somber and in loose chains, chains they could easily escape from but choose to stay in. The number 6, if you’ll remember, is the love number and the love we see here in this card is an old one that no longer serves us. But this isn’t always about the love between romantic partners, it can represent love for a friend, a hobby, a job, or way of life that no longer suits you.

The number 93/3 is a beautiful addition to my understanding of this card because 3 is the number of expansion, and so we can see here that the path this card is asking you to take is one outside of your situation. And if we think of this in the romantic sense, the number 3 can point to cheating, consensual non monogamy, or separating from your partner to explore other options. Curiosity is always at the forefront of the number 3 and so the Devil asks you to follow your curiosity in order to break free of the chains that bind you.

Wow guys, another super sun and cheery card! This is often thought of as the worst card in the deck. We saw slow change in the Death card, but the Tower is about rapid earth shattering change. This is about how sometimes the Universe is like, “look bitch, I sent you 158 signs and you didn’t listen to any of them. So now you’ve forced me to do this.” And then the Universe rocks your fucking world and it hurts. This is rock bottom, but when we’re laying there on the floor we can see the stars and that is what this card is truly about.

7 is the number of mysticism/spiritialism/religion/higher power, and so that’s what you’re being called to find and explore in this card, but what does the number 94/4 bring in? 

4 is the number of foundations! This card is about what happens to us when we build our life upon faulty foundations. Influenced by the number 9, this particular 4 reminds us that every bad moment can be an oppotunity to learn or grow in some way. Yes, some situations are just fucked up and wrong, I’d never suggest that you have to be happy when your life is crumbling. What I can say, as someone who has fallen from the Tower more than once, is that rock bottom can be a great teacher if you call upon it to be.

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