Personal Year Numbers Explained

In the study of Numerology you will come across something called personal year numbers. These number can provide insight into the type of energy that will be surrounding you in the next calendar year of your life. Working in tandem with the global year number, a personal year number helps us to plan and prepare for the future and can hopefully ease our often over worried brains.

To calculate your personal year number all you need to know is the date of your next or most recent birthday, which should be easy enough for almost all of us. For example, my most recent birthday was on January 10th 2019, written as 1/10/2019 for those of us in the US. So my calculation will look like this:

You must do the four number birth year separately, in parenthesis, before adding it to your birth day and month. The order of the month and birthday is irrelevant, so all you brits and aussies can write the day before the month and still correctly complete the calculation. 

The number is written as 23/5 with 23 being the original product of the addition sentence, and 5 being the base number derived from adding the original product together like so:

If your original product was something like 28, it would be written as 28/1 not 28/10. the number after the / should be the single digit base number. So keep adding the numbers together until you have one singular base number.

So in short, I’m currently living through a 5 personal year. The school of numerology I ascribe to is adapted from Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane in their book Numerology and the Divine Triangle, and in this schol of study we use the original product to glean deeper insights into each of the 9 base numbers. 

To elaborate on that would be a different topic for a different day, but if you’re interested in learning more about it you can find their book online and in most stores with a metaphysical section. 

So now that we understand how to calculate our personal year numbers let’s talk about what it all means and how it effects your life.

This is a seed year, when it’s time to implement new ways of living and thinking. This is a time when you should be putting yourself out on a limb and exploring anything new and exciting. Odd numbers require action so don’t be afraid to raise your hand, ask questions, get involved, and get your hands dirty. This is a great year to move, go back to school, start a business, learn to fly a plane, join an intramural sports team, become an instagram influencer, travel the world, or anything else that pushes the boundaries of your world. Most importantly, this is a year to be true to yourself. Do what makes you happy, treat yourself like you’re your own significant other, someone you’d do anything to please. Let your freak flag fly and enjoy this expansive year! You can do so much more than you know.

After the sometimes tumultuous but always thrilling 1 personal year, it’s time to slow down and process everything that has transpired. Even numbered years are all about reflecting on the past year and harnessing the energy created in order to use it for your highest good. This year specifically asks us to look at our personal relationships. Spend time with people one on one because this is a year when you’re going to be super susceptible to others vibrations. This is a year when you will find out who really is supporting you and sending you love, and who isn’t here for the right reasons. Give your time and energy to those who deserve it, you’ll need their support in the coming years, so make sure to show up as a good friend, family member, and lover this year. This is also a year when you will be faced with many decisions. After a 1 year when all you wanted to do was cast you line out to see what you can catch, you’ll have to choose between option A and option B. This will be very difficult if you listen to your anxiety and not your intuition, so the more in touch you are with the specific cadence of your intuition the easier it will be to make decisions this year.

And just like that you’re slammed back into another odd numbered personal year! This is a time of intense curiosity. In the 1 year you planted the seeds of new beginnings, in the 2 year you cultivated the environment you needed to foster growth, and now it’s time to learn about what is popping up in your proverbial garden! You’re going to need to explore and communicate ideas with others. If you did a good job of cultivating your social circle in the 2 year then you will be surrounded by people who want to have expansive, educational, and energizing conversations with you. Gossiping can sometimes plague us in a 3 personal year but that has to do more with who is in your life and less to do with you specifically. This is a time when you should be reading and learning as much as possible, and then turning around and discussing these ideas with others. But this isn’t a serious year at all! This is a time when you should be going out to theme parties, comedy shows, underground art performances, children’s plays, and 24 hour DJ shows. Meet new people, explore your neighborhood or city, talk until 5am, laugh so hard you cry! Growth happens in chaos and this year is a time of growth.

Foundation and security are the buzzwords for a 4 personal year. After the expansion you created and experienced in your 3 personal year it is now time to reign it in and utilize the lessons learned. Now is the time to pull together all the pieces of the past 3 years to create the solid foundation from which to build the rest of this cycle upon. This is a good year to budget your finances, reevaluate your career, apply for your dream job, take a class to learn a new skill or sharpen an old one, sit inside and read non fiction books at all hours of the day, get ample sleep, and put in the hard work necessary to act upon your dreams. Seriously, you are going to be so focused on doing the work this year, so make sure that you aren’t dissipating this powerful energy into people and situations that don’t add benefit to your life. Keep in mind that “benefits” aren’t just money and power, more often than not the things that benefit us the most are the things that make us feel good. Focus on that feeling this year and how you can bring more of it into your life. This is a real boss bitch vibe, enjoy this less active, quieter energy because it’s going to get real wild next year…

Alright, so you built that nice solid foundation last year, right? Well if you didn’t you will certainly find out in this 5 personal year… This year can be amazing and expansive, but also incredibly destructive. The 5 vibration comes in and shakes things up, and whatever falls from this jostling is something or someone who isn’t in your highest good, something you won’t need for the rest of this cycle. The 5 vibration is like a divine hand picking up your life and shaking it. Friends, jobs, habits, significant others that you don’t need for the rest of this cycle will be forcibly taken away. Despite all of that, this is a truly exciting year that is filled with travel, art, sex, and creativity! If you can remain positive and lean into the divine lessons of this year, it can truly be a revolutionary time. This is a great year to go on that 3 month backpacking trip through south east Asia, give polyamory a try, create art (even if you haven’t made anything since finger painting in kindergarten), try out for a local community play, ask your hot yoga teacher out on a date, get an air bnb in the forest with your friends on a whim one weekend, and dance in the light of the full moon with one hand waving free.

You probably feel exhausted, exhilarated, and a little singed from that explosive 5 year, so it’s time to bring it in and balance out your soul. The 6 vibration is all about love and taking care of your loved ones. Last year was a time when you were pretty focused on yourself and what was transpiring around you, and through this you might have gained a new clarity about what is actually important in your life. You’re going to want to spread love this year and be of service to others, because what are we doing here on this earthly plane if not helping to care for our fellow (wo)man? This is a good year to volunteer for charity, make dinner for your friends, start a book club at work, help your parents clean out the attic which is filled with your childhood things, and start a new diet or health regime. A word of caution, make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin this year. Take care of others as much as possible but make sure your name is still at the top of that list. You are no help to anyone if you are emotionally and physically drained. Romances flourish under this vibration so long as you can open yourself up to the possibility of love. Easier said than done tbh.

Ah, the 7 personal year, a truly mystical time to be alive. Here we are guided into questioning our place in this world. This year resonates with the big questions in life, who am I? What is my purpose? Is there a higher power? It’s going to be necessary to spend time alone during this 7 personal year, it’s time to work on your relationship with the self. Things you should get into this year are long walks alone in nature, meditation, yoga, and any other spiritual practice that can help you commune with yourself and with a higher power. This is a truly blessed year of deep inner change and reflection, but it is important to note that spiritual evolution doesn’t feel lovely. It’s less like a hippy magic love cloud and more like getting slapped across the face and kicked in the groin. Ask yourself this year, “what lesson am I learning right now?” You will change this year whether you want to or not. When you find yourself down there in the dirt, broken and dirty, don’t forget to look up at the stars. 

Remember all those things you wanted in your 1 personal year? This is when they start to come to fruition in a big way. Success and power comes to you in an 8 personal year but it is in direct ratio to the kind of energy you have been putting out into the universe; this is a karmic year. If you’ve been playing fair then this is a year of gain on the physical plane. And if you’ve been playing dirty these past few years you will have to face the repercussions of the sour seeds you’ve sown. You’re likely to get an inheritance or a promotion at this time, this will bestow more power on to you and with this power comes greater responsibility and more stress. Secrets are likely to be bought out into the light, yours and the secrets of those around you. This can be an extremely satisfying year or it can be a struggle, but the outcome is 100% to do with the kind of energy you put out. If this year is painful, all you have to do is survive it. 

This is the jovial year of endings and new beginnings! Things that began in your 1 personal year come to their conclusion now. Money, love, promotions, moving house, changing jobs all fall under this vibration. The only downside to this year is that in order to fulfill all these new and bountiful opportunities you will have to say goodbye to the life you used to live. This is a culminating energy where the seeds of the next 9 years of your life will begin to be seen (but not yet sown). A 9 personal year is a time of expansion where the horizons of your world will grow. Things will end, other things will begin, and it’s your job to be optimistic and enjoy the ride. Now is a good time to reflect on the past 9 years of your life, travel to a new city or country, wrap up all of your projects, give presents to your loved ones, use your artistic abilities, and release the past. Clinging to the way things are isn’t recommended during this year, so trust in the divine plan of the universe and allow things to change as need be. A new cycle is fast approaching! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for surviving this cycle, you are strong as hell! 

Master numbers are often also called angel numbers in the spiritual community. Angel isn’t a word that resonates with me, and since language is just a construct invented to help us communicate our thoughts and feelings, you can use whichever word resonates best with you, it’s all the same in the end. To paraphrase Billy Shakespeare, a rose by any other name will still make you bleed if you grab it by the thorns.

The universally accepted master numbers are 11 and 22, most numerologists will agree that 33 is one as well but certainly not all. But if you’re asking me, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 111, 222, etc, are all master numbers as well. If a number repeats itself it’s kinda like the universe screaming, “HEY YOU! LISTEN UP, WE’VE GOT STUFF TO DO!” 

For instance, my last last birthday was on January 10th 2018, so the calculation looked like this:


So I just finished up a 22/4 personal year. Master number years require more from us, more obstacles are thrown in our way because we have extremely important lessons to learn. Hard lessons are learned in chaos, but that also allows your blessings to be come in equal measure.

Master numbers are just higher vibrations of their base number. So a 22 personal year is like a 4 year on steroids. It’s not just about building a solid foundation to stand on, it’s about building a foundation for many to stand on, something that’s bigger than yourself. 

You can apply this same principal to any of the 9 base numbers: 

11 is the higher vibe of 2, the inspirational intuitive

22 is the higher vibe of 4, the master builder

33 is the higher vibe of 6, the global healer

44 is the higher vibe of 8, the master of their fate

55 is the higher vibe of 1, the revolutionary leader/artist

66 is the higher vibe of 3, the master researcher

77 is the higher vibration of 5, the spiritual explorer

88 is the higher vibe of 7, the master mystic

99 is the highest for of 9, the master optimist

Master number years can be hard but they only last for 12 months and in the grand scheme of things that’s not very long. Each year, master number or not, brings with it new challenges and benefits. In my personal research I’ve found that the more you can lean into the expression of your personal year number the more at ease you will feel. Things will move with less friction and you’ll feel a more readily available sense of peace.

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