Numerology Loop part 3

Welcome back my unconventional conventionalists! It’s time for the third installment of my study of, what I seem to be calling, the Numerology Loop. I can’t say that I love the name, but quite like when my mother unexpectedly concieved me, it just sort of happened and so now it’s here and I have to love it.

We’re looking at the major arcana today, cards 9 The Hermit thorugh 12 The Hanged Man. We’ll look at the numbers 9-12 as well as the loop numbers 87-90.

I’m a bonus baby and this is my contribution to the world of numerology, let’s get into it shall we?

9 is the number of endings and beginnings, philiosophy and higher education, travel and foreign affairs. 9 is the highest single digit or, as we numerologists call them, base number. So it’s about finishing things and letting go in order to make way for something new.

The Hermit card is about self reflection and time spent alone getting to know yourself. It’s the archetype of the lonely man living his solitary life devoted to praying or meditation or books or whatever. It’s devotional in that sense as well.

So what flavor does the number 6 add in understanding and building upon the archetype of the Hermit? 6 is the number of love and heart space. It is duty, detail, and service to others. The Hermit teaches us then, that to truly give and spread love we must first do our inner work. A lot of times the number 6 represents doing too much for everyone else in your life, and then the inevitable burnout that occurs because of it. I’ve just lived through a personal 6 month and it really shifted my perception of this number to one of satiating the needs of my own heart.

The Hermit is a reminder that love begins within ourselves, we cannot give it out freely if we are not fostering the recreation of it inside of ourselves. We too often search for love without ourselves, the Hermit reminds us that lasting love exists in our quiet, pure center of being.

Oh I love this card, it’s all about going with the flow of the universe, being ok with not knowing what’s going to come next, and learning to trust that everything happens for a reason. The number 10 is one of public appearances, career, and being protected and divinely guided into a new chapter in life. This is our first card that has double digits! The number 10 expands upon the strengths and lessons of the number 1. It’s 1 energy but with the protection and guidance of the number 0. 0 is the god force, source, universe number. It is the number of spirit and that’s what you need to lean into when you draw the Wheel of Fortune.

And would you look at that! It’s a Master Number, the number of the number of the Master Mystic. 8+8=16, which adds down to 7, the number of mysticiscm. 8 is the number of power and the dark depths of the soul, a reminder that in order to be enlightened you must first go to the underworld. 

What I see this representing in the Wheel of Fortune is that we start on the edge of the wheel, gripping for control and getting whiplash from the force of life, and slowly we make our way to the calm center. It’s a journey we all take, some of us take longer to get to the center, some of us never get there. But if you never get there it’s probably because you won’t look upon your darkness, you wan’t sit in silence and ask yourself, “why am I here?”

Justice is the card of karma (ok, a lot of cards are karmic), the card of getting exactly what you deserve and maybe some stuff that you didn’t. This isn’t the justice of man, created justice, this is the law of the universe. This card asks you to put yourself on trial, do you know what is coming to you? Admittedly this is a card I sturggle with, but maybe through this analysis I’ll get a better handle on the deeper meanings of it. The number 11 is the number of the Inspirational Teacher, a leader who leads by example and wisdom. It’s kinda like a guru number, perhaps, in that it draws people in.

OK first thing I see is the theme of drawing things to you. There is a magnetism to this card.

We’re wrapping up the 8’s here with the number 89/8 and something interesting to note is that in some tarot decks Justice is card 8 and Strength is card 11! 

89/8 is an elevated 8 vibration, one of powerful manifestation. So perhaps what it is telling us about this card is that it’s not a passive magnetism but an active one. It’s a call to figure out what you want and to shift your mindset into one that allows space for it in your life. Justice is about getting what you need, not what you want, but it’s also about figuring out what you want. Does that make sense? I’m very into getting to know this card better and in my own way now. Oh, this feels good!

The Hanged Man is about how our mindset and the stories we tell ourselves creates the life we live, which now that I’m typing this up and thinking about it all, def fits in with the vibe of Justice. These cards are an ascension, so in Justice we begin to see how our mindsets affect the world and in The Hanged Man we are now fully aware that our narative is unique and a tool to use at our disposal.

The number 12 adds down to 3, the number of socializing and exploring. This, however, is the exploration of an alien on foreign land. 12 takes in all the qualities of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. These are the personal numbers: I am, I have, I see. So this can be an ego centric number, one that focuses on the self first and foremost, so there is a need to be aware and not indulgent.

So what does the number 90/9 add to the puzzle? Oh, so much!

90/9 is the 9 archetype backed up by the powerfully protective 0 god force number! So what this is telling us about the Hanged Man is that we can’t become self aware unless we are educated. But it also tells us that when we do decide to do the work and analyze our views on the world, we are guided to the people, places, and situations that will elevate us on our journey of self discovery. Maybe that’s the keyword for this card: self discovery.

As I typed this I got a download that travel is inherent in this number, 9 being a number of travel. We need to see different parts of the world in order to better understand ourselves. If you draw the Hanged Man it might be time for you to pack a backpack and go to a different hemisphere.

Alright, well I just did this all in one sitting since my intuition and connection to my guides is very high today. I won’t call it channeled because Jasmine Wolfe was very much present for this, but there was certainly some magick happening. I hope you have a beautiful February and that you open your arms to recieve whatever it is that is coming to you!

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