Numerology Loop Part 2

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of my blog where I’m exploring and expanding upon intermediate Numerology and Tarot concepts. If you haven’t read the previous post about my theory of the numerology loop I highly suggest that you do that first.

Today we’re going to talk about the numbers 83-86, as well as the tarot cards V The Hierophant through VIII Strength, but before we do that let’s talk about the number 8 a bit seeing as it plays an inportant role in all of today’s cards.

8 is a prominent number in the next set of cards. It’s the number of manifestation, power, inheritence, secrets, and the darkest depths of the soul. This is the Scorpio number, as Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac wheel. It’s a dark quiet power and it permeates into each of these cards and the next set as well, imbueing them all with it’s powers of divine transformation. The evolved Scorpio is akin to the pheonix, a bird who does not fear change but welcomes it as a necessary means to life.

Now, when you’re a student of both Numerology and tarot this card gets a little weird because 5 is a crazy number, but the Hierophant isn’t exactly a wild and crazy dude. The number 5 represents freedom, sex, love, creativity, performance, art, and all things wild and/or free. But the Hierophant is all about learning sacred knowledge, not exactly the most wild and free thing I can think of, so that’s why this little study of mine is of value (I think). The number 83/11 expresses the need to dive deeply into our curiosities in life so as to learn and teach others as best we can. Together theses numbers act like an ingredients list, throw in some communication, add a dash of darkness, and two cups of passion and there you have it folks: The Hierophant. The sacred study outlined in this card can only come from an intense drive for knowledge and a pure joy for learning.

This is the card of things or people coming together, in a broad sense. Like any of the cards in the tarot we can look at this card literally, two people coming together to learn and grow and love, or figuratively, two energies coming together to bettter the whole. The numbers we’re looking at here point towards socializing, expansion, learning, love, self care, and being detail oriented. This reminds us that we have to go out and talk to people in order to grow our minds, or to even meet a lover. The number 6 reminds us that we have to love ourselves first and foremost, it’s the gateway to true expansion. The Lovers card asks us to expand through love.

This card is about the journeys we take both in the physical and emotional realms, overseas or to the underworld. Stability comes through spiritual growth in this card, being powered by the 7 and 4 now. The 4 comes in to remind us that the chaos that can come from these journeys is actually imperative in order to live a secure and stable life, without our dark and deep journeys we can’t fully grow into the unique and powerful human beings that we are. 85/4, specifically, is a vibration that asks us to overindulge as a means to learn how to course correct. It’s a reminder that the most ineresting and well off people often have the most storied and dark pasts. The lesson? Don’t be afraid to live this life.

This is the Leo, card which I think is so interesting, but to be fair everything seems interesting to me because I ate an edible last night and I am still stoned at 12:47 pm the next day (Thursday). ANYWAY, this is a card about how after we get to know our dark, deep inner selves we become strong, capable adults. This isn’t a hypermasculine strength that we tend to focus on in the physical plane, this is the strength of knowing exactly who you are and what foundations you stand upon. The number 86/5 adds a whole new and very necessary layer to this card, it shows us that true freedom comes from knowing and loving yourself, even all the unsavory bits (for me it’s loving myself despite the fact that I cut people off when they are talking all the fucking time, I’m sorry). You cannot be free until you have met your darkness face to face.

Next time we’ll look at cards IX The Hermit through XII The Hanged Man, as well as the numbers 87-90. I hope if you’re reading this that you got something from this. To be honest, even if not a single person reads this it won’t stop me from continuing on in this quest for understanding. After all, what the point of being alive if we aren’t cimbing the moountain (Hi, Im a Capricorn).

Until next time, my wild sweet love.

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