January Numerology Report

Before we can properly talk about 2019, I think it’s imperative that we reflect on 2018. I think I can speak for the majority of us in saying that it was a wild year. Astrologically we know this to be true, what with all those summer eclipses forcing us to deal with our life’s garbage. Then there was also a crazy amount of retrogrades, culminating in back to back Venus and Mercury retrogrades who’s shadows lingered over an end of the year Chiron retrograde.

Numerologically 2018 vibrated to the number 11. This is a master number period and anytime we encounter a master number, especially at a global level, we are going to come up against many a high hurdle and long fought battle. There are greater rewards to be gained but it requires a level of work that not all are prepared to meet head on. Living through a master number year is like finally beating Bowser in order to move on to the next level. This is a testing vibration that will make or break you, and I think most of us exhausted our only three lives this year.

The number 11 is also most closely associated with the tarot card Justice in the major arcana. This is a card about karma, cause and effect, balance, and justice; so all of our actions in the past 12 months were, sometimes painfully, sent back to us with the same energy. This is all about boldly overcoming the failures of the past, cutting through the BS that we no longer need in our lives, and recognizing that when we move from our heart space we open up as a channel to allow more of that love into our lives.

Is it all making more sense now?

Well, astrologically 2019 is going to start off pretty smooth with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all in their home signs; Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aries, respectively. This means that things should feel more stable and secure, at least until Mercury goes retrograde again!

So, in the divine order of things, 2019 will resonate to the number 12/3. Overall its going to be a year when we feel more curious and inquisitive, social and agreeable, explorative and childlike. A 3 year can be an exciting time filled with parties and social events, but it can also be a time of gossiping and misinformation, so be dilligent in how you spend your time and what kinds of energies you surround yourself with.

The number 12 is associated with our perception of the world around us and how it is influenced by our past, especially by the heartaches from the past. Are you thankful and grateful for 2018? Have you reflected and integrated the lessons it brought? If not you’ll find that this year is confusing, like you’re going backwards. Or it may feel like you’re suspended, stuck in time and space, much like a planet that has gone retrograde out there in the endless expanse of dark, lonely space. But it’s never too late to reflect and learn from the past, and if you haven’t done so yet this year will force you to.

Every January subtly vibrates to the number 1, the number of beginnings, starting new projects, and owning your individuality. This is a vibration that lends itself to acting upon our desires and taking a jump before we feel ready to dive in. This is starting energy so its no wonder that so many of us use this time to begin new years resolutions. And it’s also no wonder that we falter in the following months, because not every month will have this renewed and excited feeling. Utilize this vitality and excitement for life now because you will be called to use other energies next month.

Since this is a 12/3 global year, January 2019 will globally vibrate to the number 13/4. This is the number associated with the tarot card Death, but fear not, literal death is rarely suggested by this card. 

No, January 2019 is about gradual change in regards to the things that provide us comfort and security. This could indicate moving house, a lateral move in your job or company, the weeding out of unnecessary aquaintances, cleaning out your closet, or the release of thought patterns that don’t serve you anymore. January 2019 is a good time to work on your relationship to money, spend time with loved ones, and put in the hard work necessary to accomplish those resolutions. Be practical, diligent, and detail oriented. 

Feeling into both the 1 and 4 energy of this month can bring about beautiful things in your life, but it requires that you think logically about what you want to achieve and then take action! Don’t wait for the right time, feel secure in yourself and it will always be the right time to start.  Your comfort and security should be of the utmost importance, so act udo something about it.

Let’s talk about a few dates in particular.

You’ll be feeling particularly indulgent today. Whether it’s eating too many holiday left overs, having a sandwich delivered to your door for $30 because you’re too hungover, sleeping until 2pm, having sex or masterbating a whole bunch, or watching netflix all day, this is a vibration that lends itself to the overindulgence of sensual pleasures. Be cautious of over doing it today though, this particular energy will have you wanting to throw in the towel and immediately forgetting about your resolutions. It will do you some good to contemplate the role of control in your life. If you have time journal about control, who and what you control, who and what controls you, and your feelings in regards to all of this. 

You’re going to feel optimistic about your journey on this earth thus far. Things will feel more clear and hopeful than it did a year ago. Life will feel infinity possible and you’ll feel like you are safe, secure, and sound here on this earthly plane. Use this optimistic energy to spread light and love today, you have plenty to share. A new truth may come to the surface, and a message of good news will come to you likely through text, email, or DM.

You have the opportunity to help someone in a big way today. Help a friend move their new couch into their apartment, give a $5 bill to the guy you always pass on your walk to work, offer someone a ride, let a family member cry on your shoulder. People need you today, but don’t forget that helping others is never truly altruistic because there is always something to be gained in return. Accept the idea that feeling good is sometimes the best reward for doing something for others. You should amend your new years resolutions today, things have changed and any day can be a good day to start over. Life may take on a new purpose from here on out.

The most important thing to remember is that these are all vibrations and so that means they can be felt intensely and subtly. From my personal study I’ve found that leaning into these vibrations leads to a life of more ease, but you have free will and you can do what the fuck ever you want.

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