Numerology Loop

I began my study of Numerology in the winter of 2015 after coming across it in Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft. I was drawn to it instantly, feeling that this was something I have always been meant to study, maybe I’d even studied it in a past life.

You see I used to do this thing where I’d search for the base number of any given number sequence, be it from a phone number, a licence plate, or any other chain of numbers. Take 1234 for example, I know that the base number is 1 because I know that 2+3+4=9 and anything added to 9 will equal the original number.

9+1=10, 1=0=1

9+2=11, 1+1=2

9+3=12, 1+2=3

You get it.

There was even this one guy in high school who had this delusion that he and I were the main characters in some John Green novel; misunderstood high school kids and star crossed lovers. We weren’t, he’s my best friends ex. I digress, he used to like to send me long number sequences to see how quickly I could solve for the single product.

This kind of elementary math is pretty much the foundation of all numerology calculations, so needless to say I was hooked instantly. The first book I bought on the subject was Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker, it’s not a beginner’s guide to numerology but it fed the flame that had been ignited. In it they teach a branch of numerology that utilizes the double digit original product as a tool to glean deeper insight into the 9 base numbers.

Astrology and tarot are tied into this study as well (because all of this metaphysical shit exists in unison) they teach that only the numbers 1-78 are valid original products, and that any number above that should be added down. They explain their reasoning fully in the introduction of the book and I don’t necessarily disagree with it, but it never felt like the whole truth to me. 

At least, it’s not my truth.

The tarot cards are associated with the number that represents them in the Major Arcana, with 1 begin influenced by The Magician and 22 being influenced by The Fool. The rest of the 56 cards that make up the tarot make up numbers 23-78, starting with the King of Wands and ending with the X of Pentacles.

One day it came to me that the numbers could theoretically repeat on a continuous loop. 79 doesn’t have to be added down to 16/7 and, instead, could stand on its own as 79/7 and be influenced by the card I the Magician.

So I sat down and started writing the numbers 79-100 with 79 being influenced by The Magician and 100 being influenced by The Fool. What I found was a beautiful dance between the cards and the numbers, both of those studies deepening and taking on a new shape as I went, something that happens beautifully often when working in these fields of study.

So today I want to share the new insights I gleaned from continuing the loop, and though I had expected to learn something about each number, I think this has truly deepened my understanding of the Major Arcana most. So we’ll go through the numbers 79-82 and talk about their counterpart numbers and how it relates to the tarot card it represents. 

This is the guy that makes magic happen… obviously. And 1 is the start of all things, the start of life, but when we throw in some high minded af 79/7 energy we begin to see this archetype take shape. 7 is the power of mysticism and finding ones self, 9 is the number of high ideals, optimism, higher education, and humanitarianism. So what we see here is that the Magician has every thing he needs to create a life from magick, the wand, the mind, and the connection to spirit.

The High Priestess is all about gestation, inner wisdom, and regal power. The number 2 sees all and pick up on the subtle vibrations that others miss. The number 2 is present while not being active, this is where the High Priestess gets her intuitive abilities from. 80/8 provides her with her cool confidence. It comes from the wise and powerful 8 energy, it’s Scorpio energy and Scorpio’s fucken love power. And that 0 is there supporting her all the while, it is the God Force that is constantly surrounding her and strengthening her intuition.

Here we have the more active feminine card, the card of pure creation. 3 is the number of creation because you gotta put 1 and 1 together to have 3 (this is a sex joke, I’m stoned and not sure if it will really land but we’re gonna keep it). So what does 81/9 add? I think it expands upon the whole idea of creation in that creation can be the birth of a thought, a way of life. 9 is the number of travel, expansion, and giving a damn about the planet. Our creation goes beyond ourselves, we have the ability to create things and ideas that will long outlive us.

Here we have the stern CEO vibe. He is masculine power used and utilized for its best benefit, which I cannot say for our current patriarchal society. The 4 represents diligent hard work done in the name of creating a life of security and comfort, or which The Emperor is all about. But 4 is a reflective even number, so having the addition of 82/1 energy we now see his ability to go out on a limb, start before he’s ready, and have total faith in his abilities. 82/1 is a number of immense power, this is the kind of energy that belongs to someone who just always seems to get what they want.

Alright, that’s all. I’m gonna go get more stoned and think about numbers and shit.

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