Intuition 201: an intermediate guide to inner wisdom

Well this isn’t what I was going to talk about this week initially, but due to some technical difficulties (read: I lost my almost complete blog post that was scheduled for today) and an intuitive download I was guided to talk about intuition.

Now, if you will recall, I’ve done a post on intuition before. So if you want to go back and read that you can do so here. This isn’t an elementary introduction, this is the level 2 class on intuition.

Keep reading if you already know what intuition is, how it works, and have witnessed it in some way already in your life.

Today we are going to explore how to deepen our connection to our own inner wisdom in order to live a more secure and enlightened life. Because when we have a deep connection to our own intuition we are guided to the places, people, and situations that will help us on our journey. When we use our naturally given intuition life moves with less friction and things tend to fall into place around us.

I’m going to give you three things to start working with right now. I don’t like to give woo woo advice and speak in confusing esoteric circles, I’m a Capricorn for fucks sake, so I try my best to give actionable advice. However, I don’t want to give you a false idea of what to expect here, intuition is a muscle that requires exercise in order to be able to utilize it in daily life.

In many ways I’m still building my own intuition up, but I’ve come a long way in the past few months and I’m ready to share my tips and tricks with you in order to help you get in touch with this superhuman power that you, too, have.

You mind is like your email inbox and it’s been a while since you hit unsubscribe or deleted all those uneccessary emails from 5 years ago.

We are constantly getting intuitive downloads but we are also constantly getting messages from our ego.

Imagine the inbox again. Your ego is the one who sends 20-50 useless emails a day, constantly bombarding you with 15% off this store, and don’t forget to read this newsletter, and SALE ENDS TONIGHT, and can you take this survey, also this guy from Serbia who needs $500 seems legit.

Now, your intuition is a weekly newsletter you get from a person or brand that you love and cherish. Sometimes you see it pop up and read it with excited reverance, but some weeks it gets lost in all the hubub of that junk mail that’s been piling up.

The point is that your intuition is already there, it’s being sent to you, but your ego is all up in your business, too. You need to hit unsubscribe and you need to press delete, but how do you do that?

Plain and simple, you need to meditate and reflect.

Meditation is like a kegel for your brain. You know how “they” say that you should practice your kegels by stopping your pee mid flow? It’s the same for your brain, stop it mid flow. Much like a kegel, you can practice it any time. No amount of meditation is a bad amount, there is no hierarchy in my book.

I’m in a place in my life right now where I like to meditate for about 20 seconds at random intervals through out the day. I just close my eyes, take a deep breath, and push away any and all thoughts for just a few moments. It’s like picking up the weights in the corner of your living room and doing 2 reps of bicep curls on each arm and then putting them down and walking away. It’s just a little exercise.

When I have more time I’ll do a 10 minute meditation; I try to do it twice a day but don’t beat myself up if it happens once or even not at all.

Yoga, meditation, running, tai chi, qi gong, and vacumming (did I mention that I’m a Capricorn) are all beautiful meditative practices. Until you can clean up your mind and have more control over the voracity at which your ego consumes your mind, you won’t be able to hear your intuition.

Ok last one, imagine that your ego is music playing from a speaker and your intuition is someone knocking on the door. You’ll never hear it if you don’t learn to turn the volume down.

ACTION to take right now: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. I’m talking about the breaths that fill up your whole midsection, expand your ribs and pull those shoulders back. While you do this, do your best not to think about anything. Turn off the song stuck in your head, let the thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky, detach from it all. It’s just three breaths but it can make a world of a difference and you can do it almost everywhere… just not while you’re driving ok?

Your intuition is already strong but your ego is stronger. Imagine that your ego and your intuition are your twin toddlers. Ego is the one who likes to scream, pull your hair and cause a scene, and Intuition is sitting there quietly watching the mess and wishing for its binky.

You need to solve some of Ego’s problems before you can get Intuition its binky!

Coping mechanisms are great and a neccessary part of the healing process, however, evetually our coping mechanisms will turn into problems themselves. They need to be reevaluated and revamped every so often.

Your ego exists to help you, don’t forget that. Sometimes my ego wants me to yell at someone because they offended me, raise your hand if you feel me! Your ego is trying to help, it’s hurt, it’s mad, it’s a toddler that wants to punch and kick and scream.

But Jasmine, how do I know if it’s my ego that is acting out?

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I in immediate danger? Has someone made an assumption about me? Have I made an assumption about someone or something? Is my reputation at stake?

If you’re in immediate danger then please act on your ego, it’s very good at taking care of you in those kinds of situations. That’s partially why it exists in the first place.

Your ego is your earthly identity, something you need in order to live in this world. However, your identity is completely made up and doesn’t actually exist… it’s your ego and nothing more.

When people make assumptions about you and your character, or when you feel that somene or something has done that, you feel threatened and your ego wants to act upon that feeling.

Someone’s made a slight suggestion that you’re cheap? Ego is mad

You meet a cute girl who seems like she could be a winner? Ego assumes she’s not

Your boyfriend puts his hand on your tummy pouch? Ego says he wants to leave you for someone skinnier

Ego is directed by past experiences. Intuition is not because it is not tied to your identity.

Intuition has no emotional ties. Ego is pure emotional ties to the self.

It’s not super easy, I admit, but with some self reflection you’ll be able to more easily pin point the difference in the quality of these voices. Once you start to connection with this practice I strongly urge you to say thank you and I love you to your ego. It truly wants the best for you, show it love and it will be a more behaved toddler. It will always be a toddler but if you show it love and acceptance your relationship will flourish.

ACTION to take right now: Open up the notes on your phone or, if you’re like me and love notebooks, pull out a pen and paper. Through out the day I want you to tally how many thoughts are ego driven. You don’t have to do this everyday, unless you feel called to do so, but you should try it once a week. It’s a good way to work on being able to identify the ego speaking, and in doing so, it helps to detach from the emotional weight that it causes.

This is the most important part of the whole process. You HAVE to trust yourself over and over again. I swear intuition knows when you start to do this and it reacts by speaking to you more boldly, or at least that’s what I’ve found to be true.

Once you’re more comfortable with steps 1 and 2, I highly suggest that you to jump into step 3 before you feel ready.

“Jump before you’re ready” is the mantra of any entrprenuer. If you wait for the right moment you’re liable to wait forever, but humans are adaptable so trust in your ability to figure it out as you go along.

Start trusting your thoughts and acting upon that trust. Through this you’ll start to see a bigger difference between ego and intuition. And sometimes you’ll be acting upon your ego and sometimes you’ll be acting upon your intution, for me it’s still not always clear and that’s ok.

The point is that you need to trust yourself. Once you do that your ego will actually get quieter because, in general, ego is your second thought. Inttuition pops up out of nowhere and will not fight with you to get you to believe it. Ego will fight you, it loves to argue and convince you of things. Intuition will never fight to convince you of anything.

However, sometimes even your ego will get confused and fight equally for both sides, leaving you even more confused and upset. So when you TRUST yourself from the get go, you eradicate this ping pong match that your ego will play inside your head.

When you trust yourself the ego has no choice but to sit down and watch, or listen.

This requires from you and ability to silence your thoughts for even just a few seconds, or minutes.

You NEED step one. You don’t have to be a monk who can meditate for 8 hours, but you do need to be able to do it for 1-10 minutes. I cannot stress enough how intergral it is to be able to separate yourself from your thoughts for even a few moments in a day.

You can even try talking to your ego out loud, “nope sorry we are going to go left at the stop light because a little voice just said so and I am going to trust it. Thank you for trying to help I love you bye.” Always be gentle with your ego, it is a toddler after all. It needs love.

ACTION to take right now: Write TRUST on a piece of paper and tape it up to your wall. You can even do a cute graphic or write it in a word document, just put it up in a place that you will see every day. We are skin computers at the end of the day and the best way to rewrite our programming is to do something over and over and over again. Like anything in this life, it gets easier the more you commit to it.

It’s not a linear journey and it’s not the same for everyone, but it is accessible to everyone.

Of course being connected to your own intuition can help you to steer clear of bad people, find an astonishing lover, and get the right job, but never forget that it also will make your life feel magical!

If you don’t want to be the kind of person who laughs in public at random times, don’t do this work, because being able to utilize your intuition provides laugh out loud joy.

I’m sure this wont be the last time I talk about intuition, but I hope I have helped someone out there.

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