Your Rising Sign, as Explained by Lady Gaga

Our rising signs tell us about how we look, how we act, and how we are percieved by the world. For some, this placement can tell us more about how we think of ourselves than our Sun signs since this is more closely related to the active principal of your personality.

A rising sign is derived from your time of birth, as it is where the sun was rising when your were screaming into life in a horribly lit room surrounded by a bunch of large people in strange blueish clothing. If you were born near sunrise then your sun and rising would likely be the same sign.

Because our rising signs are associated with the 1st house, the house of identity, this is the placement to look to in order to find out what you look like and how you act. For everyone it’s a little different, but your rising sign can be a big indicator of who you truly are. We are usually a combination of our sun and rising signs, so looking at those together can give us a clear picture about who a person is.

Me personally, I’m a Capricorn sun and Aquarius rising which are like polar opposites of each other. It was a confusing childhood. Now I can see that my Aqua is the one who decides what color my hair is and my Cap is the one that thinks we should dress in all black all of the time (ok maybe my Scorpio moon has some input there as well). I’m an unconventional conventionalist!

I chose the discography of Lady Gaga for this exploration because she is a radically expressive and multifaceted performer. From wearing a  meat dress to giving birth to herself on stage, I figured that this pop idol best reflected the outer persoanlities assosciated with our rising signs.

If you know your birth time and want to know your rising sign then click here.

Lady GodGod herself is a passionate Aries; ready to start at any moment. This is the honest, action based, people friendly, first rising sign of the zodiac wheel, baby! Accident prone trouble makers, these people are a joy to be around but that’s because they won’t think twice about accepting you for who you are, so long as you’ll do the same for them. So it’s gotta be Born This Way, Gaga’s inclusivity anthem and title track to her greatest work of art. “Don’t hide yourself in regret/just love yourself and you’re set,” is something that an Aries rising is yelling right now from the top of a mountain they just ran up for fun. And much like Gaga, the Aries rising tends to be pretty fit n sexy.

Lady Gaga’s 2014 album Artpop wasn’t her most well recieved by fans and critics alike, but she was surely ahead of her time with bops like this one. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus but it’s not the only one, Libra is as well, so why is Taurus rising more deserving of this electro-pop classic? Well, let’s talk about the characteristics of a Taurus rising: sensual af, loves food, has an angelic voice, is stubborn, probably curvy, horny most of the time, and will date you until you pry them off one finger at a time. Well honestly, this song ticks pretty much every box with this one quote: “have an oyster baby/it’s Aphrod-isy/act sleazy/VENUS”

These people never sit still, they have way too much nervous energy. There’s always something new and shiny for them to chase, and they are also always ready to entertain a crowd at the drop of an instagram story. They are the busy sort that need their minds occupied at all times lest they get into trouble, and that’s why Bad Kids is their patron song! You know how all teenagers don’t know who they are, can’t sit still, and get into trouble seemingly on purpose… yeah that’s all up in this song and it’s certainly Gemini rising as fuck. but Gemini risings, “don’t be insecure if your heart is pure/you’re still good to me if you’re a bad kid baby.”

The sensative sign of the crab makes these natives crabby and yet also very warm hearted. They pick up on the energies of others too easily and it can lead them to be slow to trust and shy, but deep down they are sweet artists with big hearts. Gaga’s song Grigio girls is a sleepover party vibe, feel good anthem about how our chosen sisters are always there for us when we need to cry and watch trash TV. If you have a Cancer rising friend consider yourself lucky, they pick their friends carefully because they consider them to be family, so toss that cork and call all your Grigio Girl friends!

I was reading about rising signs on the internet not long before writing this post, and for Leo rising it just said HAIR, so this was an easy choice. You can spot a Leo rising because they stand out even without trying though you will find most of them in bright colors, sequins, gaudy jewelry, or anything else that screams “look at me!” They are insanely territorial when it comes to their hair. It’s as much apart of them as their arms and eyes, so no you can’t touch it thanks bye. A Leo rising is as free as their hair and Gaga sings all about the need for fabulous and ever changing hair in this classic from Born This Way.

A Virgo rising is an understated cutie for sure. You can usually find them following the latest health craze or just generally worrying about something. Worry is the fuel that projects them forward, but they won’t tell you even a 10th of what goes on in their minds. Aura is a strange but wonderful song about how not everyone gets to see behind her veil, her aura, but now she is enticing a new lover into her inner world. Your typical Virgo rising is going to be a gorgous human with a thick shell, so when you have an opportunity to see beyond the aura(a-a-a-aaaaa), do it!

These are the mediators of the world, they want everyone to look nice and play nice. They are people of the world, they love to socialize and they love to look cute while they do it. In fact, if there’s one thing a Libra loves more than peace and harmony it’s FASHUN. “Looking good and feeling fine,” would be on the official Libra crest if that were a thing (should we make that a thing?) Libra risings are literally gorgeous no matter what, it’s just the essense they posses naturally. It’s no wonder they always seem to be coupled up, who wouldn’t want to spend time with these effervescent angel bbs?!

A Scorpio rising is usually going to have dark hair and deep piercing eyes. They have a kinda scary vibe but they’re real fun if that’s what you’re into (which my Scorpio moon is v into it). They have a special ability to see right through people’s bullshit and yet tend to be very private people themselves. Gaga’s mega hit Bad Romance has Scorpio rising written all over. we can look at the first few lines to get a clear picture as to why, “I want your ugly/I want your disease/I want your everything/as long as it’s free.” Scorpio is the archetype that deals with other people’s possessions and deep, obsessive love so they are indeed going to want to know your ugly side.

Alright, let’s be clear, the G word is offensive and needs to be put to rest with many other hurtful words we use to demonize groups of people. If Lady Gaga could rewrite this song to be almost exactly the same, sans the slur, it would be such a hit! Alas, she hasn’t done that yet… Still, this song is about a life traveling the world, spending time away from the people she loves, and being free as fuck. If that isn’t high vibe Sagittarius then slap some Kermit dolls on me and call me Stephanie.

This is the song Gaga wrote about the time in her life when she decided that she had to pursue her dream of being a popstar no matter what, and being someone with many Cap placements myself, I can attest to the Capricorn-ness of this song. $ucce$$ isn’t just a dream to a Capricorn rising, it’s a non neogotiable. In fact they often feel like they aren’t doing enough to reach their goals at any given time! They were 30 years old at age 12 and they tend to age like a fine wine. If you want to feel like a Cap rising boss bitch then  blast this song (that’s what I do!)

Finally the time has come to talk about ME! Aqua risings are the outsider type and yet they tend to be surrounded by friends. Because they are logical, approachable, and generally accepting of every type of person, people tend to come to us for advice and opinions. Beware though, sometimes we serve up tough love on accident, sugar coating itsn’t really our style. We tend to be flamboyant and weird, so you can’t really shock us. OK so why do we get the Gaga classic Telephone? Well, what’s more Aquarian than a song about how you don’t want to talk on the fucking phone when you’re at the club? We are friendly but we can turn it off just as easily. We also love technology and yet will turn our phones off for 3 days without telling anyone.

You may recognize a pisces rising as the fishy (hard to hold on to) poet type. They see the world in a wonderful and often cruel way, and they may be totally incorrect, but it is very real to them. They are dreamy as fuck and generally not a fan of reality, also they probably love drugs (no tea no shade, me too). That’s why the Artpop ballad Dope is their song. When she sings, “Been hurting low from living high for so long,” I though ah yes here is the Pisces tune. It’s a song about substance abuse and tortured love. Here is where I drop the mic and moonwalk off stage.

Remember kids, astrology is about self reflection and self analysis, so if your jerk brother tell you that astrology isn’t real over Christmas dinner next week just look him in the eyes and say, “that’s so Capricorn of you.”

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