What’s Yo Birth Cards?

In tarot there are 22 cards known as the Major Arcana. These cards depict Joseph Cambell’s monomyth, AKA the hero’s journey, AKA what you learned about in High school English when you were reading the Odyssey. When doing a reading, these cards tell us about the big stuff that is happening in our lives, when our world is shifting or something momumental is happening. These cards are the big lessons and the big moments that guide us forward along this strange journey we call human existance.

Each of us has a combination of either 2 or 3 of these cards which are our known as our birth cards. They give us insight into our foundational strengths and personal life mission. The rub is that we have to do some math to find out our birth cards. I mean, I could charge you and do it for you, but how does the old saying go? Catch a man a fish and he eats for the night, teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life? I can’t fish but when it comes to numerology equations I’ve got you fucken covered.

All you’ll need is your birthdate, so hopefully you’ve got that memorized. I was born on January 10th 1991 so the equation will look like this: 1+10+19+91=121 mine comes out to a three digit number, yours probably will too unless you were born after the year 1999. My one year old nephew’s equation looks like this: 6+4+20+17=47.

Now, we need both of these numbers to be in the range of 1-22 (because there are 22 Major Arcana cards). For a three digit number you will add the third number to the first two like so: 12+1=13. For a two digit number you simply add the two digits together like so: 4+7=11.

Now what? We’ve got our two digit numbers that are between 1-22. For me, my first card is XII Death and for my nephew his first card is XI Justice. To find our second cards we add together the digits of our new two digit numbers, the ones associated with the aforementioned cards.

So for me the equation goes like this: 1+3=4, and for my nephew it looks like this: 1+1=2. So my second birth card is IV The Emperor and for my nephew the second card is II The High Priestess.

But Jasmine, didn’t you say that it is possible to get 3 cards? That’s right Jasmine, I did say that!

Let’s look at the birthdate of March 6th 1990. 3+6+19+90=118 then the next equation goes as follows, 11+8=19. Great! So their first card is XIX The Sun. Now onto the next equation. 1+9=10, so their  second card is X The Wheel of Fortune! But wait! We can take this one step farther because 1+0=1, So their final, and third, card is I The Magician.

Ok but what if my first card was a single digit? I got you covered.

Let’s look at the example of January 10th 1930. The equation would go like so: 1+10+19+30=60. So then we add 6+0=6. Great, this person’s first card is VI The Lovers but now they only have a 1 digit number! To get around this we simply have to solve for x, 1+x=6. We’re doing the same thing as in the above equations, we’re just working backwards now. So this person’s birth cards are 6 and 15. The order in which you attain the 2 or 3 cards is irrelevant, neither is more important than the other.

So at this point, if I did my job right, you should have 2 or 3 numbers between 1-22. Cool, but if you aren’t a tarot reader then you have gained not one fucking bit of insight into yourself, you’ve just done some extracurricular elementary math! So lets look at the different combinations and what they say about you!

10 and 1, The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician: This is someone who is the master creator of their own fate. They understand the mechanics of the world and know how to manipulate life to their will. This is someone who is innately good at manifesting things into reality; they dont fight against the shifts of energy, instead they float through life with ease. This is someone who is going to go after what they want in life and 9 times out of 10 they’ll get exactly what they wanted. Their power is their unyeilding optimism and the good fortune that comes with it.

11 and 2, Justice and The High Priestess: This is someone who understands the laws of man as well as the subtle laws of nature. This is someone who sees all and knows much. These cards belong to those who are innately gifted with powerful intuition and the clever mind to know how to use it. Their power lies in their uncanny ability to see past all the layers of bullshit and get to the heart of the matter.

12 and 3, The Hanged Man and The Empress: Ah, this is the card combination of the divine artist. This is someone who sees the world through a different lense than the rest of us due to a unique brain and probably a unique life. They transform the pain and the lessons of their life into beauty and art. This person is a creator, and will bless the world with the gifts that only they can share. Their strength lies in thier ability to turn trash into treasure!

13 and 4, Death and The Emperor: These are the cards of someone who wants to change the world. This person will always build, change, and build again. Through constant renewal and a steadfast ability to work towards an end goal, this kind of person is a force to be reckoned with. Their mission in life is to dismantle and recreate the foundations of our world. They have a plan and they know what needs to be done. Their strength is their capacity for change and their innovative mind.

14 and 5, Temperance and The Hierophant: These are the cards of someone who is meant to leave a mark on our world. With intelligence, grace, and a life well lived, these people are both street smart and book smart. They have a charm that draws people to them in the most genuine way. These are the proffesors, preachers, teachers, and mentors of the world. Their strength lies in being able to share their knowledge.

15 and 6, The Devil and The Lovers: You are love and you are desire. Both of these cards are about balance and both are also about opposing energies. You are in this world to fumble and learn, to do this you must indulge and understand what pleasure truly is. Do not fear pleasure, do not fear pain, lean into the journey because your best work is done in a state of pure love. You strength is your deep passion for life.

16 and 7, The Tower and The Chariot: This person has a super power, and that power is in their ability to survive and thrive. This person is here to shake things up! They have likely worn many different personalities and have learned much from each one. This is someone who is familiar with their demons and understands the power of that knowledge. They are here to challenge the old and tired ways of life. Your strength is your perserverance through life’s storms.

17 and 8, The Star and Strength: This is a person who is here to heal the world. They make everyone feel all warm and lovey on the inside but they also posses a strength and poise that others admire. These are people with high emotional intelligence. They understand how people work, this comes from an understanding of self. These are people who know that hope is always present and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. Your strength is your trust in yourself.

18 and 9, The Moon and The Hermit: This is someone who can see through darkness. They are at home in the deep dark murky waters of life and much of their knowldege has been gleaned in times of reprieve. This is someone who knows the value of self reflection and has an eye that can see beyond what is prevalent. They are introverts who enjoy their alone time and will seek a solitary life in order to deepen their spiritual practice. Your strength is your desire for hidden, esoteric knowledge.

19, 10, 1, The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune, and the Magician: This is the eternal optimist. This kind of person understands the flow of the world and knows that things come, go, and come again. They have a wider gaze on life, understanding that there are many journeys to take. They step confidently into new adventures with a certainty that everything will work out. In the words of my sister’s boyfriend, “sure it’ll be grand,” this is their catch phrase. Your strength is your belief in yourself and trust in the universe.

20 and 2, Judgement and The High Priestess: This is a person who will have a deep set of morals they adhere by, which might reflect our society’s morals, but it may not. They won’t be the kind to stand on the street corner with a megaphone telling you that you’re going to hell, but they live on a plane of existence that others do not. They most likely will always feel a little out of place on Earth. Your strength is divinly spiritual. If you have not tested your capacity for mediumship or any other extra sensory perception, I highly suggest that you look into it.

21 and 3, The World and The Empress: These are the birth cards of someone who is destined to create something that the world needs. Whatever they choose to make in this world will have a deep impact. They need to share their art or ideas because there are people out there that need it. They are abundant and creative people with a natural wisdom. Their strength lies in creation, whatever they make or share with the world is divinely guided.

22 and 4, The Fool and The Emperor: Life happens on accident for these people, and they are usually happy accidents. These are the cards of someone who is unafraid of life and is willing to start a new project at the drop of a hat. They also have the dedication to see these projects through, making them a notable role modle for many. Their strength is their ability to laugh at life and not take it all so seriously.

If you just read your card combination and are thinking that it doesn’t sound anything like you, then I dare you to lean into the vibe more. Pretend you are exactly the person I just described, try it on for awhile and see how it feels. It may feel like coming home, or maybe things will slowly fall into place around you. That’s eactly what I did and I feel more like myself than ever. I believe that society often forces us into molds and that we create an ideantity around those molds; our birth cards can help cut some of that bullshit out.

Well, that’s it! I hope you and your ego feel assured and confident now, ready to take on this dark and doomed world. Spread your light, face your darkness, and never forget that death is the true equalizer. If you’re interested in a tarot or numerology reading from me, or just want some more info, click here

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