Your Chiron, as Explained by My Chemical Romance

Welcome to the next installment of my astro music series. Today we are going to learn a bit about Chiron, the wounded healer and also about my favorite early 2000’s era pop punk/emo (whatever) band, My Chemical Romance. You can try to pretend that you haven’t belted the lyrics to Helena or The Black Parade in your car, alone in your room, on a street corner at 2am drunk as shit, but you would be lying my friend. No one knows pain like MCR and no one knows your pain like Chiron.

Chiron is Pluto’s homeboy, a fellow minor planet chillen out there in the depths of our solar system. It’s named after a centaur of Greek myth origins; Chiron was a professor and a healer but he ultimatly couldn’t heal himself. Learning about your Chiron placement can tell you about your greatest wound to overcome in this life time, and in healing that wound you will find out that it was actually your biggest strength.

Learning about our own Chiron placement is important because we all need to understand the sadness that we carry with us and in learning about it we can shift into healing it. If we can dare to look beyond the self, this is an important aspect to learn about because it can help us understand our friends and family better. A greater understanding and more empathy for humankind is the driving force behind this esoteric study!

We all have wounds to heal, and I think we all know by now that punk music (and all its many subgenres) is what I use to heal myself. So I feel that no other band speaks about the deep hurt and darkness of Chiron quite like My Chemical Romance. So let’s get this train of pain out of the station, all aboard you tender cry babies!

Aries: House of Wolves

Self Discovery is the name of the game here. Your greatest wound has to do with your sense of self and self worth, so your journey through this life is to find your footing and stand confidently in your own power. You may have a tendency to allow other people’s perceptions of you mess with who you see when you stare into the mirror, and you probably stare into the mirror quite often. Learn to love yourself, learn to assert yourself, and you’ll heal this wound.

The song House of Wolves has all the brash vitality of Aries but also some of the lack thereof personal identity that is prevalent in this placement. Gerard (lead singer/heartthrob) yells for you to call him an angel in one line and a bad man in the next, mirroring Chiron in Aries’ inability to see who they truly are.

Taurus: Vampire Money

If this is your Chiron placement than you have a deep feeling of loss that permeates your being, you’re essentially a black hole of longing. You probably feel like there will never be enough of anything in this world.  You know what happens to people who feel like this? Well, yeah you probably do if this is your placement. Addictions and vices can be crutches they use to quiet the sense of lack. They’ve probably dabbled with the dangerous consumption of sex, drugs, alcohol, fighting, food and any other vice that helps to fill the void in your soul. Just remember that you are made of love and there is always enough of that.

The final track from their final album is a dirty rock song which outlines all of Chiron in Taurus’ favorite vices. “Pills don’t help but it sure is funny/ gimme gimme gimme some of that vampire money,” sounds like a Taurus on a Saturday night.

Gemini: Famous Last Words

Finding your voice is something that is necessary for someone with this Chiron placement. You might be shy, socially awkward, anxious, or have the fear that no one ever actually listens to you-this is your wound to heal. Learning is your gift in this life, the more you learn the better you will be a communicating. Soak up knowledge like a cute little sponge and practice different forms of communication. If speaking just isn’t your thing try writing!

The song Famous Last Words is arguably my favorite MCR song, but I feel good about bestowing it upon this Chiron placement as it belongs to some of my favorite people. This song plays with the idea of communication and saying things previously unsaid. “Words I thought I’d never speak” are a common theme in this song and in the lives of Chiron in Gemini folk.

Cancer: I Don’t Love You

Let’s talk about my Chiron, shall we? This placement lends itself to someone who is born feeling unwanted or unloved; they often feel like an outsider even in their own home. These people tend to be very nurturing but distrust when they get the same kind of affection from others. They love picking up wayward friends on their path in life but their journey needs to find its way to opening themselves up to love from others. This explains my dating life…

I Don’t Love You is a sad love song from the album The Black Parade about an inevitable end to love, and it sums up how those of us with this placement feel like no matter what everyone actually secretly hates us and is going to leave. Gerard sings, “when you go,” not if you go, insinuating that the loss of love and connection is a garuantee… this is too real.

Leo: The End.

Chiron in Leo is wondering why no one seems to notice how talented and lovely they are. They were probably the kind of kid who knew that they were meant for stardom and yet never found their way to the stage in the first place. They worry that their talents are being wasted. They are abundantly creative but for some karmic reason have had their artistic side stifled and left unused. If this is your placement you need to get in touch with your inner child and let your creativity flow freely.

The End. is the perfect Chiron in Leo song because, as the opening track from the rock opera that is The Black Parade, it has a performance feel and yet all he talks about is how he can’t stand himself. This song is saying, “look at me, I’m horrible.” Crying out for help and making it a performance art piece is Leo af.

Virgo: Blood

This placement lends itself to those who will deal with major, or many minor, ailments in their life time. They have a deep fear that their wounds will never heal and because of that they obsess over the details of their life, looking for errors and pointing them out in others as well. This hypochondriac must learn how to release the need for perfection in their life otherwise they will be consumed in chaos. The gift of this placement is that it lends itself to people who will selflessly aid in healing others.

Be happy I didn’t choose the soul crushing song Cancer. No, this more lively jaunt, the famed hidden track off of The Black Parade (remember when hidden tracks were a thing?) shows us the side of this placement that is sardonic in the face of perteptual illness. “A celebrated man amongst the gurneys,” this song is all about someone who is perpetually in the hospital, continually giving blood, continually sick.

Libra: This is How I Disappear

Relationships are at the forefront of this placement, seeking them out and healing them as well. They are in danger of learning to be codependent of others and will need to learn to ground themselves to counter this tendency. They may struggle to see all of their relationships as flawed and doomed from the start, but maybe that’s apart of the game. Their lesson in life is to remember that they are whole on their own; they need no one else’s love but their own to be valid.

Nothing says Libra Chiron more than the utter codependency of the song This Is How I Disappear. The title says it all, it’s the idea that without this significant other in their life they will literally cease to exist. Do I need to say more?

Scorpio: Kill All Your Friends

People with this placement will understand deep loss early in their life and it will change them. They have innate psychic abilities but they may be suffocated under the weight of their own feelings of powerlessness. They may appear boastful but deep down inside these people feel inadequate. They may be obsessed with death and cling to their possessions with a dangerous ferocity. Their lesson in life is to see the beauty in all that is life, the light and the dark in equal measure.

“You can sleep in a coffin but the past ain’t through with you,” is just one of the many lines in the B side track Kill All Your Friends that reflects this dark and disturbed Chiron placement. Scorpio is a wounded archetype to begin with but as a Chiron placement it’s a dangerous dance of laughing and crying in the face of death. And on a related note, this is a really great song so if you’ve never heard it I highly suggest that you remidy that.

Sagittarius: Heaven Help Us 

These are the kind of people who are continually going through an existential crisis. They feel confused about the grand scheme of things and often turn to atheism or maybe even nihilism. They feel both grand and unwise at the same time, like the train to glory left the station before they could jump on board. They have a deep fear that this world is mundane and nothing more. All they need to do is learn to find their inner wisdom and find faith in something.

The song Heaven Help Us, another B side track, beautifully shows the anger felt in the face of life’s arrows. “I’ve been sprawled on these cathedral steps while spitting out the blood and screaming someone save us,” feels very Chiron in Sagittarius to me. It’s all about being in the throws of battle and crying out to the heavens as a last resort, questioning faith in the face of utter chaos.

Capricorn: Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na]

If you know this person then be warned that they have been programmed to believe that their self worth is derived from their productivity. They want to control and organize everything, and were probably let down early on in life. Frustrations in the area of control could have them taking a complete 180 and instead being useless slobs. They need recognition to feel worthwhile, but no recognition will ever truly satiate this desire. All these people need to do is to stop and look around, realize that you already are successful.

This song, the first musical track from their 2010 album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (a very underrated album), is a rally cry for doing way too much, a Capricornian way of life. “Drugs give me drugs I don’t want em but I’ll sell what you got,” shows us the need for money and control that permeates this placement. This is an agressive Capricorn vibe.

Aquarius: Teenagers

This wound is one of social anxiety. The Aquarian Chiron is uncomfortable in large groups and feels ostrasized from normal society, this causes them to close off to socialization. They oscilate between consuming new, future thinking information and old, very old traditions, both avenues leave them feeling like they don’t fit in. They need to learn that their uniqueness is what makes them worthwhile, their fear is their strength. Individuality is cool af.

Ah, this beautiful song paints the picture of societal standards and the fear of communities. Teenagers is an antiestablishment song but from a scared view point, showcasing the fear of being different but the undeniable knowledge that you are different which is inherent this placement.

Pisces: Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back

This one is a doozy because this placement feels like the entire worlds problems are sitting forever on their shoulders. This can lead to depression and drug use, which is understandable because the world has a whole lot of issues. A loss of faith in the universe and a lingering sense of guilt follows them around. My Piseces angels, the world is not your burden alone to bear!

“Save yourself, I’ll hold them back…” has a truer Pisces Chiron staement ever been spoken? Gerard sings about living forever, crying, stealing cars, and good guys dying… he was def channeling a Pisces spirit when writing this song for Danger Days: The True lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

If there is one thing to be gleaned from learning about our Chiron’s it is that we all have issues, we all have sadness to carry around with us, but the only way to heal is to face our melancholy head on. Perhaps when we look our wounds in the eyes we will find that they were our greatests strengths after all. Change happens in chaos my friends, peace is found in the eye of the storm.

And if you’re disappointed to see that Helena and The Black Parade aren’t on this list, then I don’t know what to tell ya, they just don’t fit in with any specific Chiron placement! Those are their most popular songs because they encapsulate all the pain from each Chiron placement. They’re relatable and huntingly beautiful… like me.

All images are from the Instagram account mxchemicalromance

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