So You’re Going Through Your Saturn Return

Saturn is currently in the constellation of Capricorn, a place it has not been at in our sky for 27 years. It slid into Capricorn in December of 2017 and will be chillen there for another 2ish years before moving into Aquarius. It is one of the outlying planets, so its orbit around the sun is much slower than ours, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. It’s always a monumental occasion when it shifts into the next sign, but what does it mean?

Saturn rules order, stability, work ethic, time, and getting your shit together. This planet is actually ruled by Capricorn, so you know that shit is getting real real up in the cosmos right now. Capricorn, like Saturn, is a hard worker, so it knows what needs to be done, puts its head down and does the work.

Capricorn and Saturn are kinda dark (hence why we get along with Scorpios so well), so it’s a reminder that part of doing the work involves looking at things clearly without shying away from the scary shit. Saturn doesn’t let you run away from your problems. Saturn is your problems. Saturn is your dad and he’s yelling at you to figure your fucking life out!

It’s said that when Saturn returns to the sign it was in at your birth that you enter your Saturn return. But what da fuk does that mean? A Saturn return is something that will (hopefully) happen to us all multiples times in life, every 27-30 years to be exact. Each time it returns to our home sign we struggle through its lessons of maturity, stability, and work ethic. So for a first Saturn return, this is the time when we finally blossom into true adulthood. Seriously, you’re not an adult until you are in or past your first Saturn return.

A Saturn return hits hard and fast. It holds a mirror up to your life and puts that machine from A Clockwork Orange on your head, the one that forces you to keep your eyes open so you physically can’t look at anything else but the cracks in your reflection. And it is here, in the throws of questions like what the fuck am I doing, that our most important work happens.

I’m no expert, I’m learning this suff as I go, and I’m here, almost a year into my Saturn return, fumbling through these lessons along side you. This is a time when all of your dreams may be coming true or it’s a time when everything you thought you knew will or has come crashing down around you. It’s usually the latter, so if that is you, fear not! There are a whole lot of us also struggling to figure out what we are doing with our lives.

I was one of the last babies born with Saturn in Capricorn (January 10th 1991) so I’m on the younger side of this Saturn return, but my early take on this cosmic event is that it feels the way we are conditioned to expect 25 to feel. When I turned 25 I figured it would feel different, that I would be different, but it honestly just felt like 24. And 26 didn’t feel all that special either aside from the inclings of recognition that I was going to keep getting older and someday die.

Then 27 came and suddenly I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was that I had to do something. My physical reality has not changed much at all in the past few months, however my mental reality has changed shape and color a dozen times over. It’s been a glorious ride so far, so let me give you some unsolicited advice about how to handle your first Saturn return.

1. Don’t avoid the darkness A Saturn return does not come without feelings of anxiety, despair, and confusion, but if we change our outlook, these things can all be powerful tools that can transform ourlives. Lean into these “negative” feelings. Have you ever seen the movie Inside Out? If not, what the hell are you doing? The message of the film is that we cannot ignore feelings like sadness, and if we do we will have to pay the price later on. Sadness can be a powerful tool of transformation if you’re brave enough to weild it.

2. Get rid of fear Our teens and twenties are usually filled to the brim with fear, or maybe that was just me… Let me tell you something, fear is boring. The next time you are arfaid to do something, ask yourself why. If the answer is “because I could die if I do that” then maybe don’t do it, however, if the answer isn’t life threatening then guess what? You should probably do it. You have the power to create the life you want to live and a Saturn return is the time to do it. So take the class, go to the movies alone, quit your job, date the person, and dive fully into life.

3. Speak your truth maybe this one won’t resonate with everyone but it has been a huge tool for me this year. I don’t pussy foot around the truth anymore. A guy on tinder says something I don’t like? I tell him. A friend asks me a difficult question? I give the difficult answer. You don’t have to be a dick about it, but you are doing yourself no favors when you spit out white lie after white lie. The truth really does set you free, you can trust me on this once because I don’t lie anymore. Well, I don’t lie often…

4. Do what you want for most of us millenials are single and childless during this first Saturn Return, so this is the time to perfect you life. Your mantra should be me, me, me. I’m not telling you to be a dick to people, quite the contrary actually. This is simply a time when you should be actively reaching for your dreams. Don’t have dreams and goals? That’s fine! This should be a time when you are exploring anything that tickles your fancy, to fully immerse yourself in this life and to find the joy that has been available to you all along. Do anything and everything that makes you happy because why the fuck not!?

5. Be grateful this is a practice taken right from the academic study of psychology, a gratitude mindset can change your entire fucking life. The next time you are agonizing over going to work try to take a few momments to think about the positives. Take the time to be grateful for any work friends you have, the money you get from your job to pay for bills and buy groceries or postmates, the free coffee or snacks you get when you’re there. This isn’t about pretending that the negatives aren’t there, this is about focusing more on the good things in life because when we feel good we do good. When our minds are filled with negative thoughts our actions take the shape of those thoughts and create a life of negativity. Gratitude can be small and weak and half hearted, but so long as you keep practicing it it will get stronger and more powerful. Your life will change, I promise.

6. Get healthy look, I think we are all coming to terms with the fact that life goes on for a lot longer than origianlly anticipated. When I realized that this is the only meat suit that I get in this lifetime suddenly the healthier choices were that much easier to make. Honestly, I’m trying to live to be 109 because by then I’ll have lived in three separate centuries, and so I’d like to remain mobile and mentally fit for as long as possible. Eat the foods that make you feel physically and mentally healthy, do the exercises that do the same. There is, despite popular belief, no right or wrong way to be healthy. Bottom line is that you have to figure this out for yourself.

7. Think about what that 80 year old version of yourself would think this one tip gets me through all the terrfiying bits of life. Is Jasmine in 2071 gonna give a fuck about what your boss insinuated today at work? Doubtful, but she will care about whether or not I seized the divine opportunity that is youth. We are all 27-30 right now, we are so young and we owe it to the older verisons of ourselves to go out there and walk unafraid, to grasp opportunities and create them when they are nowhere to be seen. Live every day with the intention to not have regrets when you are older.

8. Stop being so serious life at times is going to seem like its suffocating you or crashing down upon you, and I won’t tell you that it isn’t but I will tell you that the same fucking thing is happeneing to all of your friends. Yes, even your most put together friends, the ones who have paid off their students loans, the ones who have 5,000 instagram followers, they’re freaking the fuck out too. Mortality is a concept we are all coming to terms with. Do I want to live here? Do I want to date this person? Do I want this job? Yeah those scary questions are bombarding you like dick pics in the inbox of an instagram model, but so what!? Life goes on, it never stops moving around you, release the idea that these thoughts and questions are bad. Learn to laugh at yourself and you life more, it’s going to help you navigate these strange times without drowning.

9. Love yourself is sounds easy but it’s probably the hardest thing on this list. Devote time to truly and honestly falling in love with yourself. I like to sing love songs to myself in the mirror and on days when I can’t look at myself without thinking negative thoughts, I avoid mirrors entirely. Dress up and take pictures of yourself. Thank yourself when you do something good or nice. Treat yourself like a kid, compliment yourself for doing things like cleaning the dishes, taking a shower, or going for a walk. There are a million ways to build up your own self love, I ccan’t tell you the one true path to that destination but I hope you can find it one day.

In the words of Heroin Bob, “Well, it’s a crazy fucked up world man and we’re all just floating along waiting for someone who can walk on water, man.” I hope this blog helped you and I hope you know that you are as brilliant as a star and as glorious as the oldest redwood tree.

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