How to Pack Up and Never Return

We all have that stroke of Sagittarius in us, the part of mind that day dreams about moving to a foreign land to sell trinkets on the beach by day and make love by night (but not on the sand because that shit will get everywhere). 

Do you dream of moving to Paris and falling in love in the shadow of the eiffel tower?

Or would you prefer to walk amongst ghosts in Edinburgh?

Are your day dreams filled with the sun spalshed shores of Sydney or the (once) peace filled streets of San Francisco?

Whether you are actually planning to pack up and move to a new city or just day dreaming about it, Numerology can lend a helping hand in figuing out which city is the best for you. Numerology can be applied to anything with a name, literally anything, if it has a name it has a vibration. Using simple math and a basic alphanumeric system, we can find the vibration of any city in the world. This vibration, or base number, can give a bit of insight into what you can come to expect when moving to or visitng a new city.

Let’s talk numbers

Numerology works primarily with the 9 single digit numbers and we apply these to the 26 numbers of the alphabet. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on. Once we reach the number 9 we begin again at 1 for the next number. Below is a helpful chart that numerologists use to remember the values of each letter.

Note: This can be applied to any alphabet. Just follow the same pattern of numbers to letters in ascending order from the beginning of the alphabet to the end.

Step 1:

Write out the name of the city in question. I like to use all capital letters but that’s just me. Underneath the name write down the number that corresponds to each letter. Below I use the example of Wellington, the capitol city of New Zealand and a place I once lovingly called home. Sometimes I miss it so much I want to die so I can rewatch my life and relive my time in that gorgeous capital city by the bay. I digress.

Step 2:

Add up all the numbers; you will most likely end up with a 2 digit number. Add those 2 numbers together until you have one single digit base number. Wellington equals 50, so 5+0=5 If you only had one digit after adding up the place name that just means that you have slightly less math to do. The point of this step is to calculate for your single digit base number.

Step 3:

Now that you have the number, what does it mean? Each number has a different vibration that can be witnessed in nature. Each number has different qualities. Below is my quick guide to the 9 base numbers in reference to how they would manifest for a city or town:

1: This is a city that loves it’s individuality. It has a certain kind of personality… or maybe dozens of them. This is the kind of place where you will feel free to experience what it means to truly be yourself. Moving here would help foster your sense of self, your excitment to start new projects and go forth with new ideas. Visiting this city you’ll find that it’s full of quirks and so many different kinds of people. On the negative side you may find that people are more likely to be selfish or cutthroat, so beware and be aware, but all in all there is an infectious can do attitude to be found here.

Famous 1 cities: London, Chicago, Cairo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo

2: You’re likely to find close connections and beautiful relationships in this city. A potential new lover, best friend, or mentor could be waiting for you here in this land where relationships thrive. This is a highly intuitive number, so this is likely to be the kind of place where you can connect to your own sense of intuition and find spiritual guidance. This is also a number that often gives more than it gets, so learning to set boundaries is important if you don’t want to experience burn out. This is also a great city to have a pet in!

Famous 2 cities: Sydney, Istanbul, Hanoi

3: This is the kind of place where people are thriving! There always seems to be something happening whether it’s a slam poetry night at the hip local coffee shop, a massive festival bringing in thousands of people, or a booming comedy scene. People love to talk and share, so be prepared to be hit with the gift of gab. Moving here would incite curiosity  and self expression, but be wary of those who are more likely to gossip than seek out the truth.

Famous 3 citites: New York City

4. This is the kind of city you want to raise your family in. This is the kind of place where safety and security are at the forefront of everyones minds. This place has the best schools, an active neighborhood watch, and the most poppin’ activity on the nextdoor app. Move here if you’re looking to settle down or grow some roots. People you meet in this town will be the kinds with steady jobs, solid incomes, and bathrooms decorated like a beach even if they’re completely land locked. There is s seriousness to this kind of city, matched only by its ability to overcome any obstacle.

Famous 4 cities: Madrid, Milan, Auckland

5. There is no shortage of art, music, and freedom in this city! You’re sure to find a super hip district, or at least a famous street where all the artsy kids hangout. If you are an artist or just a lover of art you’ll thrive here whether you visit or decide to set up shop. Freedom of all kinds is important here, so you’ll find lots of open minded and unique people. Everyone in this city has a story to share and 5 random hobbies to tell you about. People live passionatly in a town like this so emotions can run high, but take a picture of it and hang it on the wall because emotions are art, baby!

Famous 5 cities: San Francisco, Tokyo, Mumbai, Nairobi

6. Since 6 is the number of health and healing there’s probably a great hospital here, maybe even a college with an excellent nursing school. If you’re looking for a place with churches, you might also find them a plenty here. Overall this is the kind of place that will help people heal in whatever kind of modality works best for them. If you’re a healer or looking to be healed then this is the right place for you. I imagine it has a nice calm vibe and lends itself to people who generally care about one another. There’s always going to be someone who will help you move a couch in a city like this.

Famous 6 cities: Berlin, Bogota

7. Ah, the rare and beautiful city that vibrates to the number 7. While a city like this may be enjoyable to visit, you don’t truly get to experience its power unless you live here. This is a place where major learning and shifts take place. There might not be a whole lot happening on the surface, but eveyone here will be on a journey of discovery. There is a deep desire to know things in a city or town like this. People here need a lot of alone time to recharge and many are likely drawn to yoga, meditation, qi gong, and the like. These aren’t easy citites to live in, but they will guide you towards something beyond the ordinary.

Famous 7 cities: Moscow, Bangkok

8. Here we have it folks, this is the kind of town that will chew you up and spit you out. You can’t go to this place, even just for a visit, without being changed in some way. This is the number of death and re birth, so expect a major shift to happen if you decide to live here. It can be totally beautiful and eye opening, but death is also scary and not always wanted. You’ll probably find some cool underground art scene as well as a lot of drugs in a town like this. People here either struggle with their own personal power and so you’ll often find people who have learned to manipulate other’s energies. This is the kind of place you want to live in for a year or two, but get out before it steals your soul.

Famous 8 cities: Dubline, Lima

9. This is a place that will have no shortages of people. I mean this in the most diverse sense, because people of all kinds flock here. There will also be a myriad of experiences to be had, a bunch of different languages spoken, and a coffee shop on every street corner. Residents in this town or city are likely to be travelers, foreigners, or at least well educated people. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a college campus in this town. A passion for education, politics, and civil rights is inherent in this kind of place. This is the kind of place that loves to fight for the underdog so there will likely be lots of opportunities to volunteer for charities and animal shelters. This is the kind of city that recognizes that it is part of a greater world than the lines that divide it.

Famous 9 cities: Paris, Toronto, Miami, Seoul

It is here that I must tell you briefly about master numbers. In Numerology a master number is a double digit repeating number such as 11, 22, and 33. In fact, some numerologists believe that only those 3 are master numbers, some only believe 11 and 22 are. I believe any repeating digit is a master number. These repeating numbers hold more gravitas, they carry greater burdens and gifts with them. So, yes, some cities might vibrate to 44 or 55, but that is a topic for another blog. If you encounter a city that vibrates to a master number and wish to gain more insight into it you can reach me here.

Happy traveling!

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