Pump Up Your Intuition

If you are familiar with my content then you’ve probably heard me equate intuition to a quiet whisper and anxiety to a loud nagging voice. But if I’m being honest with myself, no one reading this is going to be well aquainted enough with my blogs to really know this analogy I speak of, which is why I’ve repeated it yet again.

I first started taping into my intuition in late 2014. It was the end of a 9 personal year for me, a time when old habits die away and new seeds are planted. According to numerology our lives happen in 9 year cylces, so I was planting the seeds for my next 9 year cycle. One of those first seeds I planted was figuring out what the hell intuition even is.

intuition is known by some as our 6th sense (psychic abilities being the 7th sense) and is inherent in every person to have ever lived. Intuition can be explicated scientifically, but if that’s what you’re looking for then you are on the wrong blog. I prefer the more magical definition (for all things tbh) that intuition is our ability to pick up on extra sensory vibrations, and in that sense therefore predict or know certain things that can’t be derived from our 5 dominant senses.

Intuition is the feeling you get when you meet someone and get a bad feeling about them for reasons you can’t quite describe. Intuition is when you randomly decide to take a different route to work than normal to later find out that you missed a traffic jam.

Intuition is when a 5 year old at work looks at you with big expectant puppy dog eyes and you say, “kid, I can’t read your mind you have to tell me what you want,” but then halfway through saying that sentence you realize that she needs to go to the bathroom. True story, the kids at my day job really do believe that I can read minds. I can’t, but I am intuitive.

The fact of the matter is that we all have the capacity for intuition. It’s not a gift bestowed to the few, this might be a common misconception due to the fact that some people are naturally more intuitive than others. It’s just like how some people are naturally flexible and others are not.

I’ll tell ya what, when I was 15 I couldn’t touch my toes in a straight legged seated position despite having been a dancer for 10 years. By age 17 I could put my nose onto my knees in that same exact position because I set an intention to do so. I stretched more often and with the clear goal in mind to become more flexible. With deliberate intention and practice I was able to achieve that goal.

Intuition works in the same way, if you work on it you can be a highly intuitive person no matter how far away your nose is from your knees. So how exactly do you start working on your intuition you ask? I have one simple exercise that you can use a few times a week to strengthen and tap into your intuition.

The exercise:

Go for a walk, one that has no real purpose and no definitive end point. As you are walking you may allow your mind to wander, but it is important that you do keep you mind focused on your physical surroundings. Pay close attention to the trees, the crooked cracks in the pavement, and your neighbors lawn that is in dire need of a trim.

Make sure you don’t get sucked into any thought process so deeply that it takes you out of the physical world. With this mindful mindset you’ll notice that a voice in your head will tell you to go right, left, or straight up ahead. Don’t question that voice, just follow it. Keep following that voice until you feel it is time to head back home.

How to know if it’s intuition:

You’ll start to notice that your thoughts feel different from one another. Intuition pops out of nowhere and gives you no explaination. Other thoughts take time to form, they’re louder, they linger, and they have reasoning. Intuition is quiet and it doesn’t give a fuck about convincing you to listen to it. Intuition says, “turn here” and then goes away, all aloof, mysterious and sexy like.

The more you practice walking like this, with no purpose except to tap into your higher self, the more you’ll be able to recognize the difference between your inner analytical monologue and your intuition. The more you listen to that voice the more you’ll find that it is eerily always right.

Back in the winter of 2014, when I was just beginning my study of intuition, I reached for my lighter before leaving the house. As soon as I reached for it I pulled my hand away. I was leaving the house to hangout with a bunch of stoners, I didn’t need a lighter. My friends picked me up and we drove a few blocks away from my house to the elementary school playground we used to spend all our Christmas eves at together, drinking and being scumbags. “Hey,” my friend Aniya announced from the front seat, “do you have a lighter? We all forgot ours.”

Well slap me on the ass and call me Abraham Hicks, my intuition was trying to look out for me all along.

Some times I can’t tell the difference. Sometimes I second guess whether a notion in my head is guided by intuition or logic, but I’ve found that allowing your life to be guided by the subtle voices in your head is always a good idea. Trust youself and everything else will fall into place around you.

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