Your Venus Sign, As Explained By Lana Del Rey

So the planet of love just shifted into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. For us this means that flimsy relationships just wont cut it. Scorpio like to know everything about the people in their lives, without giving any of their mysterious aura away. Resist the urge to close yourself off, but ultimatly this time of dark exploration is going to make or break a whole lotta hearts, be prepared kiddos.

And that’s not to say that this willonly effect those of us in relationships. Venus is a personal planet so this is going to effect everyone. Blockages and wounds left unattended on your heart are going to come to the forefront during this time. Be prepared to do the work that your heart demands.

Since Venus set up her bed in Scorpio I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about Venus signs in general. So naturally, I had to do what I always do: pair each sign up with a song. There was no question as to which artists discography I was going to dive into this time because nothing screams Venus in Scorpio quite like the dark and dreamy music of Lana Del Rey.

Source: cherryxcolalanadelrey

Venus in Aries

This is the kind of lover who falls in love at first sight. They want things to move quickly, bonus points if you pick them up for the first date on your motorcycle. This is an adventurous kind of love that can give you whiplash. Keep it fun and fast and this lover will be yours forever, or maybe just the night.

Burning Desire is the song for this archetype of love. With repetitive themes of passion akin to fire, it’s well suited for this firey lover. And on top of that, how many times does she say the word fast in this song? She loves to drive fast and love fast, just like our Venus in Aries friends.

Source: lana_lust_life

Venus in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, so love feels very at home in this placement.This love is slow and persistent. This is indulgent love, the kind that involves fancy restaurants and sex on silk sheets. Buy them fancy things and cuddle them 24/7 and this lover will be yours.

No other song from Lana’s song book truly captures this kind of love quite like National Anthem. This is a song where love and money dance in a forever tango, just the way Taurus Venus likes it. She literally mentions wanting her boo to buy her diamons multiple times. She also says, “I need somebody to hold me,” which is a big Taurus Venus mood.

Source: ldr.heroin

Venus in Gemini

This kind of lover needs mental stimulation and constant conversation. They love tinder and texting but be prepared for their flip flopping emotions. A Gemini Venus is going to love you and then not give a fuck. They probably also want to date a lot of people at the same time. Stay adaptable, stay cool, keep them interested in your mind and you just may be able to woo this lover.

Despite the playfulness of this sign, the song that struck me most as Venuis in Gemini is Carmen. Carmen is loved by all the boys and girls, and being adored and loved by many is v Gemini. Lana also says that Carmen’s mind is like a diamond, hello intellectual Gemini vibes. She also talks about how Carmen gives people butterflies and the butterfly is a classic Gemini symbol. So, there.

Source: lanadelrey.lizzie.grant

Venus in Cancer

This is mom love. This kind of lover wants to take care of you. If you get sick your Venus in Cancer lover is going to jump at the opportunity to care for you. A Cancer Venus believes full force in The One and will search endlessly for that relationship. They also will pretty much never get over all their exs, mourning a relationship is their life force. Cancer Venus will also 10/10 have pictures and momentos everywhere that reminds them of their lover.

Love is a song about the beauty of life, love, and being young, all lovely Cancer ideals. “It’s enough to be young and in love,” is the chorus of this song and it might as well be the official catchphrase of Venus in Cancer. This is also a pretty nostalgic song lyrically, and nostalgia is the glue that holds the Cancer archetype together.

Source: _lust.for.love_

Venus in Leo

Repreat after me, “You’re so pretty.” Now repeat that to this Leo lover at least once a day. This is the lover who loves everything to do with love. Buy them roses, make out in public, put you hand in their back pocket, give them love coupons (you know the ones that say things like “good for one free foot rub”). They want to talk about their love all the time and they expect the same in return. They love hard and they don’t fuck around.

So which song truly captures the showstopping love of a Leo Venus? Groupie Love! This song captures the often looked over side of Leo Venus which is that they give love as hard as they demand it. Sure, a Leo Venus wants ot be reminded constantly of your love but it’s only because that’s how they feel about you. Leo Venus is the ultimate groupie love.

Source: ldr_heroin

Venus in Virgo

This is not a great placement for Venus, the Virgo energy is stoic and celibate in this gushy sign. As Virgo is the sign of perfectionsism, so this kind of lover is going to keep it locked up until they find a suitable mate that ticks most, if not all, of their boxes. They also probably have a “date bag” that’s filled with emergency items such as mints, a condom, a tide to go pen, a safety pin, and an emergency contact list. Once you unlock this lover they will def want to make love outside (on a sheet).

This is the sign that is most associated with ministry, so it was a no brainer as to which song really tells us the story of Virgo Venus love, it’s got to be Religion. The overarching theme of this song is about how her love and lover are her religion, this kind of pious love screams Virgo Venus. She specifically says, “you’re how I’m living” as opposed to, “You’re why I’m living,” Which paints the picture of how love shapes what a Virgo Venus’ life looks like.

Source: lana_lust_life

Venus in Libra

This is the second home for Venus, so she feels very nice in this placement. This love vibration is all about fairness, they love to keep the peace. That being said, they often date people who are on their level, they don’t date people who are vibing lower or higher than them. This is also the Venus placement of serial monogomists. They just love to be in happy healthy relationships, they can’t help it!

I had to choose the song Radio for this placement, namely because it’s one of her very rare happy love songs. Just listening to it makes you feel happy and in love, that’s the sweet spot for Libra Venus. “Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m living in,” gives us those warm Libra venus vibes.

Source: lanalaugh

Venus in Scorpio

Ah here we are in our current Venus placement, dark and moody Scorpio. Love is hard for them, not meaning that its hard for them to love people, because that’s not it. Venus in Scorpio loves to love, but they have to do it their way which is intense, not everyone’s cup of tea. This placement is probably the hardest placement for this planet because Scorpio wants to mate for life and know absolutly everything about their partners while still reminaing aloof and mysterious themselves, that’s not healthy. The upside is that they truly do want to love you hard and they are down to have sex pretty much all of the time.

So since this is our current placement I figure it only made sense to look at 3 songs which paint the picture of Venus in Scorpio love: Ultraviolence, Old Money, and Born to Die

Ultraviolence is a melancholic tune about an abusive relationship. Nothing screams Scorpio in love quite like unhealthy relationships. She also talks about nick names that her lover has for her and they are all about her own darkness. She also, shockingly, talks about death in this song which is something inherently associated with Scorpio.

Old Money is one I had to choose because my Scorpio moon feels deeply connected to it. This gives us the side of Scorpio love that just can’t let go of lovers past, and then how we glorify our past. Also, I imagine that some of those lines when she says, “I’ll come come come,” I imagine that she’s actually saying the word cum. Scorpios love sex.

Born to Die has to be the ultimate Scorpio Venus song because nothing captures this kind of love quite like a murder suicide. Like, I love you so much that we both have to die. 

Source: ldr_ec

Venus in Sagittarius

This placement usually means that you’ll marry a foreigner, or at least meet your love in a foreign land. The most important thing to this lover is freedom, so they’re probably non monagamous or at the very least hard to tie down. They need to live their own life outside of the relationship but if you can make them laugh they’ll be putty in your hands. They love hard with the passion of a fire sign but you really have to let them do their own thing.

There were a few songs that I felt capture parts of this kind of lover, but I finally settled on Young and Beautiful. Lines like, “I’ve seen the world done it all,” shows us the adventurous traveler side of a Sag Venus. And the entire theme of the song is Lana asking if her lover will still love her for her mind and her soul after all is said and done, which speaks to the Sagittarius high ideal of intellect and wit.

Source: cherryxcoladelrey

Venus in Capricorn

This sign isn’t the most at home with the planet of Venus because Capricorn isn’t the most ooey gooey, lovey dovey of signs (unless you’re a cuddly second decan like me). Truly they are just realists in love, they want a partner not a boyfriend or girlfriend. It will take time, but they will show you their emotional side… after a long process of making sure you check enough boxes from their ideal mate list. And lets be real, this is a tanigble list that they made years ago, not a mental checklist. They probably keep it in a notebook in a storage bin under their bed with all their old school assignments. Hot tip, you can get a date witht them no problem if you’re a doctor, they love a power couple.

It’s a no brainer that Money, Power, Glory is the song that speaks most of this kind of love. This songs title alone is Capricorn as fuck. It’s not something ridiculous, the idea that an ideal mate is someone who has money and power. Capricorns want to be secure at the end of the day and that reflects in the way a Capricorn venus falls in love. Money is the most secure kind of love in this society.

Source: _lust.for.love_

Venus in Aquarius

This is the true sapiosexual, a person who is turned on by intellect. When it comes to dating they are very niche, they love the weirdos of the world. Oh your a taxidermist? You only watch documentaries about Russia? You play the nose flute? That’s the secret to flooding a Venus in Aquarius’ basement, being your unequivically weird self. They are probably afraid of marriage because commitment isn’t exactly natural to the Aquarian archetype, and they probably have a drawer of sex toys, just sayin’.

This one was tough for me to decide, namely because this is my placement and it’s a weird af Venus placement. A big part of me wanted to say that her spoken word track Burnt Norton was the most fitting (if you aren’t familiar with it you should give it a listen, that bitch could read me the dictionary and I’d be like yaaassss). Ultimately, I feel that her iconic song Cola belongs to us Aquarian Venuses. For one, she starts the song off with, “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” and that’s just weird enough. She also talks about sleeping with a married man saying, “I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind” showcasing Aquarian contrarian kind of love.

Source: astrowonders

Venus in Pisces

This is the poet, the romeo, the lover of all lovers! This is also the lover who will play it so hot and cold that you’ll be feeling luke warm. As opposed to Venus in Libra, this placement loves to date someone who isn’t on the same playing field as them. In fact, they love to date a loser, a fixer uper type. They’ll def want to read you poetry before they make love to you.

While is isn’t the most positive example of love, I think In My Feelings shows us the dissapointment of falling for someone you shouldn’t have, very Pisces Venus. I also think that the line, “I’m crying while I’m cumming,” is so fucking relevant to this Venus placement.

Well, folks that’s what I have to say about that. Go listen to your Venus song today! And if you want to book a reading with me click here.

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