Leo’s got 5 On It

Welcome back to my numerology astrology mash up series. Today we are looking at the number 5 through the archetypal lens of the 5th zodiac sign, Leo.

I have to admit, its taken me a year of Astrology studies to finally see the beauty and wonder of Leo. That is because the beauty of astrology is in it’s ability to make you see the value in every archetype. Every sign has its good and bad qualities. That being said, I have been burned by more than a few Leo women, let down time and time again. Alas, there is a reason that they always seem to populate my sphere (it’s my Leo Jupiter).

Leo’s are lovers of beauty and art. They have a childlike wonder about them, making them the bringers of fun. The number 5 is about passion, travel, and creativity, the bread and butter of the Leo lifestyle. so now let’s get all up in this Leo/5 biz.

Leo likes to be the center of attention. 

This, more than any others sign, is the sign of someone who needs to be in the spotlight, and it is no different for the number 5. This is the sign and number of the pop star, of the person who needs to pour their heart and soul out on to the stage. These natives will die if you don’t clap for them! They are filled with love and art and they just want  need share it with the whole world.

Leo wears fabulous clothes. 

Leos like to look fabulous because they cannot survive without all eyes on them. The number 5 is one of the most creative and inventive numbers, so it’s no wonder that it is the number associated with Leos. The number 5 is all about art and you can’t be a fashionista without an artists eye.

Leo sees beauty everywhere they look.

Leo’s have an impeccable eye for beauty and can find it in places that others simply cannot. Leo is ruled by the heart and sometimes that can manifest in a sort of perpetual rose colored glasses outlook on life, everywhere they look they see art. The number 5 is a number closely associated with travel, the physical act of seeing the beauty of this earth. We all know that feeling of being in a new place and being astounded by its beauty/coolness, this is the life force for Leo’s and the number 5.

Leo nurtures their inner child.

There is an excitement and passion that is intrinsic to Leos, as well as the number 5. They are excited to learn, much like a kid on the first day of school. Their love of learning and expressing new ideas carries with it the levity of youth, and that is perhaps why they garner scorn from other signs. We all begrudingly grew up while Leos and 5s naturally hold onto their youthful glow forever.

Maybe you have a life path number of 5. Maybe you live on 5th street. Maybe you keep looking at the clock at 5:55 every day. Maybe you were born on the 5th day of the month. The number occurs in all of our lives, and it’s meaning never changes. It’s here to say, “have some fun, show off, live a little!”

The number 5 is a beautiful unique number, just like Leo people. It is the number of performance, childhood, passion, individualty, creative pursuits, and action.

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Fire memes provided by the Astro meme lord Courtney Perkins who blocked my personal IG account because I liked an angry Capricorn’s comment on one of her memes. Lucky for me I have two Instagram accounts. I love you Courtney Perkins, forgive me.

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