How to Respond When a Bro Dude Tells You That Astrology Isn’t Real

Astrology has always been prevalent in our lives. News papers, magazines, and in recent years applications have been telling us what to expect in our daily lives based off of where the sun was when we were born. Even still, we cannot deny that astrology has been coming more so to the forefront of popular culture as of late. It’s fun, reflective, and helps foster love of self and others, so it’s no wonder that its popularity is on the rise with the now adult children of the Baby Boomer generation (the OG hippies).

BroDudes hate trends, but there’s nothing a BroDude hates more than a femalecentric trend such as astrology. And furthermore, there is nothing a BroDude loves more than to tell you that you are wrong by repeating shit that they picked up as they skim read a Reddit article.

Before we continue, perhaps we should talk about who a BroDude is exactly. A BroDude doesn’t have a specific gender though, admittedly, more often then not they are men. The true mark of a BroDude is someone who doesn’t like things that are forgeign to them, so they have a agressively protective energy that feels like a big angry wall. BroDudes are hard to talk to because they don’t listen, as you are talking they are only thinking about what their response is going to be. In fact, they will quite often cut you off midsentence to loudly disagree with you. And they do talk very loudly, sorta like how when someone isn’t that great at singing so they use volume as a crutch to make up for their lack of talent. Simply put, these are people who don’t want to have a conversation with you, they just want to tell you that you are wrong while they stick out their metaphorical tounges and yell “neener neener neener.”

BroDudes, we work with them, we go to school with them, we’ve dated them, some are even legitimatly our bros, so what do we do when they start their diatribe against Astrology or any other metaphysical science? Here are my 5 tips for just that purpose.

1. Don’t engage

This has to be tip number 1 because the mark of a true BroDude is someone with a closed off mind. Any (real) guru will tell you that you should leave sleeping people alone, in other words, don’t try to convert anyone who isn’t interested. BroDudes have very narrow minds and they aren’t looking to expand it, so it’s best not to waste your energy talking to a proverbial brick wall.

Try saying: Ok or just nod your head once this will give him relatively nothing to go off of to continue his needless speil

2. It’s fun

If the BroDude won’t drop the conversation or if he is making unecessarily rude comments about astrology it might be time to remind him that it’s meant to be fun. Astrology isn’t hurting anyone, so even if you don’t believe in it, there is no need to be adamantly against it.

Try saying: It’s just fun and interesting to think about or It makes me happy or It’s not hurting anyone, so whatever dude!

3. It’s a tool for self reflection

OK, so the BroDude won’t drop it because, as I mentioned previously, a BroDude doesn’t like to like things. What do you do now? If you are reading this then you know that astrology is a tool to help us look at different aspects of our lives. It allows us to think deeply about how we talk to people, show love, create partnerships, expand our worlds, and so much more. This kind of reflection helps to raise a person’s emotional intelligence, which is the biggest indicator of success in modern society.

Try saying: Astrology is good for self evaluation, something that everyone should be doing or Astrology builds emotional intelligence and people with a higher emotional intelligence make more money than those who dont (BroDudes love money).

4. Rinse and repeat

Alright, so you only fanned the BroDude’s fire by insinuating that people who like astrology make more money and now his voice is even louder and he is accidentally spitting on your face as he yells arguments that are in correct and irrelevant (Ophiuchus is not apart of the tropical Zodiac system that we use in this society, dude). Take a few deep breaths, put on a smile that says “I’m done now,” and repeat tactic number 1. If the BroDude wants to continue the argument then the best thing to do is drop it.

The thing is, BroDudes aren’t your problem and you don’t have to convince anyone that astrology is worthwhile. If you’re here then that means that astrology is important to you, and guess what, it’s important to me too! So if you are surrounded by BroDudes who tell you that your opinions and likes are stupid and irrelevant then please email me. You are not alone, there are so many of us and there is so much abundant love in the Universe, I promise.

I have one final tip to help you navigate the world of BroDudes.

5. Love

Astrology fosters a deep self love which spills out into a deep love for everyone, and BroDudes can really mess with that beautiful vibration. Whenever you encounter an angry BroDude the most important thing you can do is protect yourself from their tangible, negative energy. “Bad” emotions can be incredibly helpful, and I am a big believer in shadow work, but the kind of energy that radiates off of a BroDude is toxic and does not belong to you.

Try doing this: breathe deeply from your stomach and say to yourself even though I am surrounded by negativity I love myself completely and without conditions and then get away from the BroDude as soon as possible.

I’m not going to tell you that you need to send love to the BroDude. Yes, he does need love but it’s not your job to give it to him. Give yourself love first, always.

Memes are all from Instagram, the originals can be found via the screen names at the top of each image.

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