I’d Do Anything 4 A Cancer 

I seriously would. Cancer’s I love you.

Admittedly, I am biased since I’m a Capricorn and therefor am naturally inclined to love you. This is because the sign that is on the opposite side of the zodiac from you (AKA your sign’s polarity) is usually going to end up being your homie. I’ve got lots of lovely lil crabs in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also happen to really love the number 4 since it is my Life Path number. It’s all about security, hard work, and building solid foundtions. So how do these two things, the number 4 and Cancers, intersect… Let’s jump into some Cancer facts to help you guys understand what the fuck the number 4 is really all about.

Cancer needs to cry. 

Cancers feel things. In fact they feel everything! And while many of the other signs will avoid crying at all costs, Cancers are too honest to hold their feelings back. The number 4 is honest as hell and it’s not just about brutal honesty, Cancer shows us here that honesty starts from within. You have to know the depth of your soul and your emotions in order to have strength and knowledge, that is honesty in its highest form. Bottom line, it’s ok to feel things deeply because if we aren’t going deep what’s the point?

Cancer would rather be at home. 

These sensative water babies love being at homw, or at least feeling at home. They love comfort and the stability of being in familiar surroundings. The number 4 is all about stability, but so often I think numerologists look at this number as one attributed to boring workaholics, much more akin to Cancer’s Capricorn counterparts. However if we view 4 through the lens of the sign it is attributed to, we can see the sensativity that lays behind stability. The need to be stable is the need to feel at peace.

Cancer is your mom. 

And just like your mom, Cancers will go out of their way to nurture the fuck out of you. This is the sign that will take care of you when you’ve taken one too many tequila shots. This the is friend you call when your boss made you cry at work and you’re mortified and need someone to vent to. 4 walls make a room and 4 legs make for a sturdy chair. Teh number 4 wants to give you a hug and kiss your boo boos.

Cancer is punk rock. 

The main archetype of the Cancer is that they are big cry babies, but they are so much more than that! Cancer has a lot of emotions, yes, but that emotion manifests in more than just tears. We do have more than one emotion for fucks sake. What better way to express all your emotions than through belting out the words to early 2000’s pop punk? If you’re asking me, I think you know the answer.The number 4 is tough, as tough as the shell of a crab. Oh, and they’ll fucking pinch you especially if you try to hurt one their friends.

Maybe you have a 4 life path number. Maybe you live in apartment number 4. Maybe you’re the 4th kid in your family. Maybe you look at the clock every day at 4:44 pm. Maybe you just like this number 4, it’s your favorite and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is the universe talking to you and saying “heyyy, are you taking care of yourself, do you need food, water, anything?” This is like Mother Earth checking in and reminding you that it’s ok to cry. If the number 4 means something to you, or if you are a Cancer Sun, Moon, or rising, this is the sign from the Universe, acting through me, to do something today that will help keep you safe and nourished.

If you want a reading, you know where to find me.

Fire memes, as always, are provided by the undeniable meme lord Courtney Perkins. Please unblock me, I’m sorry I liked a mean comment I was just excited to see a Capricorn getting fired up about astrology.

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