Gemini, Gemini, Gemini

I heard if you say the third sign of the zodiac 3 times Lana Del Rey appears and gives you a xanax. I’ve tried it like 12 times, but so far no luck.

We are all probably familiar with the most loathed sign of the zodiac, Gemini, (second only to Scorpio perhaps…) Maybe you think they are two faced, maybe you think they are too much, maybe you are just jealous. Whetever your opinion is, this blog post is dedicated to them!

The number 3 is social, it belongs to the entertainers of the world. 3 is the number associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini since Gemini is the third sign is the zodiacal year. Let’s learn more about these jealousy inducing creatures so that we can get deeper insight into what the number 3 truly is all about.

Gemini is social as fuck. They know everyone and their mothers, and they can charm the pants off of everyone and their fathers. 3 and Gemini natives need to be around people and thrive most when they are engaged in conversation. This is how they learn, this is how they grow, this is how they expand.

Gemini is adaptable. People often call them two faced but that’s not really true, they are fluid people who know what mask to wear in any given situation. The number 3 and Geminis know how to play nice and work well with others (or at least pretend to), infact they thrive in group projects! They have a hightened intelligence when it comes to human interaction and that’s what makes their personalities so fluid. They are different than the rest of us, not bad, just different.

Gemini is childlike. These natives are excited by life and its possibilities, much in the same way that children stare in awe at the wonderment of life. In fact, 3 and Gemini vibe really well with kids due to this shared wonderment. Though, at times, Gemini’s and 3 natives can be childish and be prone to throwing tantrums. Bottom line here is that if anyone is going to laugh at a fart joke, it’s someone who has Gemini and/or 3 in their charts. But also, who doesn’t love a well executed fart joke? Maybe that’s just my Gemini 5th house…

Gemini loves their neighborhood. 3 and Gemini love to explore their local surroundings. They know their nighbors, they have a favorite street sign, and can tell you about every coffee shop in a 5 mile radius (at least). They are inquisitive and curious creatures so they love to explore and get to know their town. I once saw a great dance performance by a woman who spoke of and based her movement around a walk she took in her neighborhood, I often wonder if she is a Gemini.

Do you always look at the clock at 3:33? Do you live on 3rd street? Were you born on the 3rd day of the month, or maybe the 3rd month of the year? Do things keep happening to you in 3’s? Among numerologists, this is known as the universe talking to you. This is the energy that surrounds and emenates from every single fucking thing on earth and in the cosmos relaying a message to you. So go out there, be social, be fluid, be charming and allow your life to unfold harmoniously.

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All these fire memes are naturally from notallgeminis on instagram before she blocked me. Courtney Perkins if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I liked someones sassy comment. Please take me back. I miss you.

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