The Signs as Billy Joel Songs

So, something that you simply must know about me is that I am a huge Billy Joel fan. I mean, isn’t every 27 year old tarot slinging woman? I know the answer to that question and I don’t care, because this is my brand.

My man Billy Joel is a Taurus sun, Libra moon, and Cancer rising. He has that gorgeous Taurean voice (I mean have you heard his pitch? perfection), and so that, mixed with his empathetic cancer heart and his Libran ideals, makes for a man who can write and sing about anyone. So, it’s no wonder I can hear every single one of the zodiac in his songs! He is a man of the people and of the cosmos!

Aries what better song captures the firey passion and go getter attitude of this sign than Billy’s classic You May Be Right? This song is from the point of view of this hot mess of a dude who is convincing someone to let loose and get wild with him… need I say more? He doesn’t really value his safety but he sounds like an absolute legend, and that’s Aries in a nutshell. He’s crazy, he’s got an ego, and he’s probably great in bed!

Honorable mentions: I Go To Extremes, Angry Young Man

Taurus the song Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is an iconic song for an iconic earth sign. Not only does this song start and end in a restaurant, with Billy Joel singing on and on about their wine selection for the evening, but it also tells about a relationship that went on for a bit too long. Brenda and Eddie, the third of four sections in this song, tells of some high school sweethearts who couldn’t quite make the love last. Nothing is more Taurean than sticking it out for too long in a relationship. OK, maybe one thing is more Taurean, and that’s a classy Italian dinner.

Honorable mention: It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Gemini is the sign of adaptability, often thought of in its lowest form as two faced. All the Billy Joel stans following along at home have already guessed the tune that summizes this changable sign… The Stranger. This classic is all about how we wear masks and how, even after knowing someone for years, they can still have parts of themselves that they have kept hidden from you. The Gemini’s of the world change with the seasons simply because they know how to please a crowd, they give you what you want to see! But what happens with Gemini takes off the mask and shows you the stranger?

Honorable mention: I Don’t Want to Be Alone

Cancer Ah, my Capricorn sun’s polarity, this is the sign of the Divine nurturer. This is the catalyst of emotion, it’s home and comfort. If we follow current gender norms, Cancer is the mother to Capricorn’s father, and all that means is that this is a warm and loving sign. Despite Billy’s Cancer rising sign, I struggled to come up with the one true Cancer song… and then I’ve Loved These Days came on. This song is nostalgic af and it just feels good to listen to, like a much needed hug from a parent. He sings about the fancy things they’ve eaten and drank, and the stuff they’ve put up their noses. Because Cancer is kinda punk rock, so they’re not entirely opposed to drugs. He also talks about the nice robes they wear, hello Cancer bbs! This song has nostalgia written into every line. Honestly, it’s so cancer, I could just go on and on.

Honorable Mention: Baby Grand

Leo is the sign of the show stopper. At their best, Leo’s are filled with warmth and love that they want to share with literally every human being. And at their worst, they are egotistical divas. The song that I think summizes this fire sign best is perhaps on the lower end of the spectrum with Big Shot. This fucken jam is all about this chick Billy knows who got way too turnt and put on a damn show the night before. She’s bragging, she’s drinking Dom Perignon, she’s wearing fabulous clothes and def doing some cocaine, sounds like most the Leo’s I know (Ok, actually just one). As much as Billy sings this song angrily, I 93% want to party with this wild Leo woman! A Leo can’t help but be a big shot, so let ’em flex and finesse!

Honorable Mentions: The Entertainer, Keeping the Faith

Virgo This one was trickier to put my finger on. I mean, how do you summize the most organized and analytical sign of the zodiac into song? People aren’t usually inclined to belt out tunes about organization and filing their feelings away to use at a more profitable time. And then Until the Night came on shuffle. This song is all about how he and his partner spend all day away from each other going to work, doing important adult stuff, and yet they always have the night to look forward to. And though I can’t speak from personal experience, rumor has it that Virgos are absolute freaks in the bedroom. So how perfect is this song? It’s litterally about working all day and then spending all night with your hunny! A Virgo anthem!

Libra this bubbly, adored sign was a hard one to pin down. What song is both charming and yet touches on the Libran ideals of truth and beauty, you ask? Well, it’s An Innocent Man. This song is sung to someone who seems like they aren’t ready to jump into a romantic relationship with Billy, so he’s talking them into it (so Libra). He speaks about the pain that was in the suitee’s past and how that makes them closed off, but that they shouldn’t hold it against him because he is innocent of all those crimes of the heart. I mean, who else besides a charming af Libra would use being innocent as their bargaining chip to enter into a relationship?

Honorable Mentions: She’s Always a Woman, She’s Got a Way

Scorpio ahh this deep, dark moody sign loves to linger in the depths of human emotion. Scorpios also love secrets and thinking about death, as both an abstract and concrete function. The song that not only lyrically conjures images of this sign, but also emotionally feels very Scorpio, is Captain Jack. It’s a song dripping with the dark emotioinality of Scorpio. Not like in the outwardly emotional way of Cancer, more like the feeling you get when you masterbate for the 5th time that day and how it makes you feel so utterly empty that you stare at the wall for 20 minutes. This song hits you with that kind of feeling of emptiness. And then he throws actual death in there when the narrator’s Dad is found lifeless in the swimming pool. He follows that line with, “and you guess you won’t be going back to school anymore/but Catain Jack can get you high tonight,” showcasing Scorpio’s ability to keep their feelings deep below the surface, and their proclivity to substances.

Honorable Mention: All for Leyna

Sagittarius Guys, I mean, come on. It’s obviously Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song). Sag is the dignified fire sign, meaning that they they won’t flip the table over to get their point across but they will talk about their opnions and ideals until you’re ready to flip the table. They are like smart little fire birds, they need to move around and they need to tell you everything because they know everything. This is a song about a young gun who is disatisfied with life and American ideals and plans to get the fuck out of his home town. It’s pretty much the story of any teenage Sag saying, “bye mom and dad,” and hoping onto the back of a motorcycle to explore the world and get some mother lovin’ culture.

Honorable Mentions: Vienna, The Downeaster Alexa

Capricorn Ah, my beloved sun sign. The often misunderstood Capricorn is sometimes stoic, always organized and hard working, with a dry, dark sense of humor. Honestly, they expect other people to be loyal and trustworthy, so when they see the ugliness of the world they just build another wall around their heart (and another and another and another). Money and success can’t let them down like humans can, that’s why they gravitate towards it. So Billy’s stern classic Honesty has to be our song. It’s all about how honesty is all people want and yet how we struggle to return it. It’s an angry song without being overly emotional, v Capricorn. It’s a pretty emo song and really, so are Capricorns. We have a lot of emotions, we’re earth sign’s for fucks sake, we’re just super awkward humans and cannot express emotions normally.

Honorable Mention: Pressure

Aquarius I bet you thought, “No way can Jasmine claim that there is a song by Billy Joel that even remotly resembles Aquarius,” but you were wrong!! I have a song to share and it is a bonified BJ CLASSIC… Goodnight Saigon. You can bet your ass that this song, written from the point of view of an American soldier during the vietnam war, has Aquarius written all up into it. This song is about community and Aquarius, as the 11th house representative, is all about community. This song is woven with the saddness of war and the devastating bond that only veterans can understand. He even sings about smoking hash and listening to The Doors, I mean, Aquarius af! And just on a personal sidenote, there are still mines in the ground waiting to erupt in Vietnam. There are still bomb shells that just sit on the sides of the river banks. People are disfigured from agent orange. This has nothing to do with the rest of this blog post, I just think that everyone should know that Vietnam is reminded of this war every day and we aren’t.

Pisces This one was a hard choice, there are quite a few songs that make me think of this watery sign. I finally decided that the one that fits the best, to my knowledge, has to be And So It Goes. This is a heartwrenchingly realistic love song about being unsure, being driven by past mistakes, but giving your heart willingly even if it is just to break it again. what is more Piscean than giving your heart to people over and over again with the knowledge that it can, and likely will, be broken? Pisces are wise in love, they recognize that hurt happens but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing the love in your heart.

Honorable Mentions: Tomorrow is Today, The River of Dreams, It’s All About Soul

Well guys, thanks for coming on this wild ride with me. If, somehow on Zeus’ Earth, Billy Joel and Astrology is your kind of niche, please ne my friend. Email me or follow me on instagram. Tell me your sun, moon, and rising songs.

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