Lady Gaga’s Numerology Chart

If you’re like me you adore Lady Gaga. And if you’re not like me, you’re wrong. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take the next few minutes to examine Ms.Germanotta’s numerology chart to see if we can glean anything about her superstar personality and soul from it.

The first number we are going to look at is her life path number. This number can give us insight into who she is at her core. The life path number represnts the foundations upon which she is built and also tell us of her greatest lesson to learn in this life. This is your ego. This is who you talk to in your head, well, at least one of the voices you talk to in your head. To calculate this number all we need to do is add up the digits of her birthdate until we have a 1 or 2 digit number. she was born on March 28th 1986 so the calculation goes as follows:

3+28+(1+9+8+6)=55, now we add 5+5=1

So she has a life path number 55/1, but what the fuck does that even mean? The base number is 1 but we use the double 5’s to give us deeper insight into what kind of 1 she is.

1 is the number of individuality and relying on oneself to complete any endeavors. The number 5 is about freedom, creativity, and conflict. This is someone who has an inventive and creative mind and knows how to use it. Writer’s often fall under a 55/1, which is no surprise here as she is a prolific song writer. 55/1’s also tend to reach a number of people with their words, this can manifest in different ways for different people, but for Lady Gaga it’s obvious that her music is wildly popular around the globe. High energy and a strong sense of right and wrong are also inherant in this number. A negative vibration of 55/1 would have her creatiting a negative and chaotic lifestyle that alienates her. Learning to use her energy and creativity for good will be her biggest ally in life.

Now is where things get complicated since the next few calculations involve using the letters in her name. I can (and indeed I already have) calculated these numbers using her birth name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but that would tell us about the private person she is, and I don’t want to invade her privacy like that. Well, I personally have done that but, morally, I can’t share that with everyone and their second cousin on the internet. So let’s instead use the name we all know and love, Lady Gaga.

And that’s the thing, some people have different names and when we go by different names we change. Think about drag queens (I mean, when am I not thinking about drag queens tbh), Justin Jones and Alyssa Edwards are two different people and in numerology we treat them as such. Justin and Alyssa don’t have the exact same personality, desires, dreams, or shoes, numerology knows that. Let’s continue shall we?

The first number we will look at is her soul number which, for the name Lady Gaga, is 10/1. The soul number is the number that dictates the dreamier side of ourselves. It’s what you day dream about, your emotions and how you convey them. It’s who you are when you are around those you feel most comfortable with. If our life path numbers are us at our core’s, then the soul number is the layer that surrounds it.

To get this number we add together the numbers associated with the vowels in her name. The alphanumeric system goes as follows A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E is 5, F is 6, G is 7, H is 8, I is 9, J brings us back to 1, and so on and so fourth until we get to Z is 8. So Lady Gaga’s calculation goes as follows: (1+7)+(1+1)=8+2=10/1

10/1 is a number with reincarnation woven into it, which I find very interesting here. The number suggests that someone has lived many lives, and in the case of Lady Gaga that is very true. She has lived two lives already in this one life of hers, Lady Gaga and Stefani Germanotta. 10/1’s have a talent for influencing people and bringing them together to find peace and acceptance. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Lady Gaga concert, but it’s like going to church. Material rewards come easily for someone under this vibration as is has connection with the super-conscious, this can create a healthy balance in one’s life. Through careful and thoughtout planning, her influence is able to reach a large audience under this number.

To have a matching base number for your soul and life life path number is a good sign, it shows an honesty and deep connection to herself and this other self (Stafani and Gaga). Any artist with a stage or pen name could consider this relationship when deciding on said name. You can come to a nuumerologist for fucken anything.

To have a soul number backed up by 0 only enhances it’s power as the number 0 is commonly known as the God/divine number meaning that it brings the base number up to a higher vibration. What the fuck am I talking about when I say higher vibration? It just means that someone is

The next number is her personality number which dictates how she present herself to the world. This would be the way people perceive Lady Gaga upon meeting her, how those who do not know her deeply interpret her personality. Sometimes this is a controlled thing, a choosen mask, and sometimes it is not. For her this number is 21/3.

As 21/3 personality number people see her as talented, charming, and most of all patient. She has no problem putting in the work and waiting for the reward. She is a creative but her approach is almost scientific, using logic is how she pushes her goals forward. Inherent in this number as well, is success with the written word. Travel is also noted as something that brings her joy, stemming from a deep desire for freedom and liberation. Someone with a 21/3 in their chart is sure to make a mark on the world, and in this position in her chart it suggests that people will idolize her. All of this is like no duh.

The final number I will be sharing about the performer Lady Gaga is her destiny number. This is the number that dictates who we grow into after learning the lessons of our formative teenagehood and twenties. For her this number will more closely relate to the growth from her early career to now, from The Fame to Joanne. For her this number is 31/4.

This is the number of a fighter, someone who will put in the work to gain what they wish to. The number 4 places a great value on security and the home, it moves slower than other numbers but knows that good things come to those who put in the effort. This is a mature number to have in this placement, it shows me how she’s grown up and stepped into the stability of herself. This number is reflected in the cozy life she has created for herself and the plan’s she’s making for the future. This number gets shit done and doesn’t care how long a project will take. This number dives in and creates from the heart. I am very biased because my Life Path Number is 31/4.

I hope you enoyed this breif reading I did for our lord and savior Lady Godgod. If you are interested in what the numbers in your chart have to say about you, then click on the tab Numerology Readings on the home page for packages and price information. Email me.

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