Taurus is 2 Cute

Ah Taurus you sweet adorable slug of a sign, you! The second sign in the zodiac is as cute and charming as the number 2, let me tell ya why.

The number 2 can pop up in your life as your life path, soul, personality, destiny, or maturity number. It could also be the number of your personal year or month. It could be the time on the clock that you’ve managed to see every day for the past two weeks. It could be the number of the apartment that you live in. It’s meaning doesn’t change even if its placement in your life does, understanding repeating numbers and your personal foundational numbers (those things I listed up there) can help you to make sense of the world. 

Taurus, as the second sign of the zociac year, represents the values and qualities of the number 2. Taurus natives are earthy, pleasure loving creatures. The number 2 is shy and yet powerful with an all seeing eye, so how do these two metaphysical things correlate? Let’s look at some classic Taurean qualities and find out!

Taurus loves to feel secure. Taurus natives like to know they are safe and cared for. They love the home and laying in bed all day. This sense of security is closely tied up in financial security as well, because to be safe in this world is to have money (sadly). The number 2 is all about harmony and cooperation. Through the lens of security we can see how harmony and cooperation between people makes us feel safe. It’s like 2nd tier on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Taurus and the number 2 need all their financial, emotional, personal, and health needs in check. They NEED it.

Taurus would always rather eat. Taurus is an Earth sign and so indulgence is written into these natives’ DNA. They love nice food too, so if you are trying to court a Taurus or someone with a 2 foundational number, I highly suggest taking them to a fancy restaurant. Taurus and the number 2 love to be comfortable, and that includes a bit of the good life. 

Taurus is stubborn as all hell. This sign is ruled by the bull, so they’ll give you the horns. Simply put, they like things their way and honestly, people should just go with it. You can trust a Taurus native’s opinion, so let them pick the freeway you take to the restaurant that they picked out. The number 2 is fucken wise just like its zodiacal counterpart, I like to think of this number as having the all seeing eye because nothing really gets past a 2. So they may be the stubborn type, but it’s only because more people should listen to them.

Taurus is the worlds best sidekick. The number 2 belongs to those who do not sit on the throne but behind it, the Rasputins of the world. Ok, not all 2’s are as punk rock as Rasputin but you get the point, the number 2 is very influential albeit not a leader, and same goes for Taurus tbh. These lil cutie Earth signs know how to get shit done but, depending on the rest of their charts, they are cool with taking the back seat to fame. They want the money, not the magazine cover.

As a fellow Earth sign, I fucken love Taurus. If you’re reading this then let this be the sign you need to go treat yo self today. I always tell people to treat themselves but, like the Capricorn sun that I am, I rarely ever treat myself. So please go treat yourself in my honor, that’s all I really need. 

Yo, if you want a reading you know where to find me. I don’t do astrology readings but tarot and numerology are my jam.

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