I Don’t Think You Get It: Dark Magic

So I recently decided to watch the show Once Upon a Time, you know the one about fairytale characters living in a made up town in Maine. It’s a pretty ok show, ok it’s not great but whatever. They often talk about light and dark magic, a theme that drives the plot of every season. And to be fair, what’s the point of a show about fairytale characters if there aren’t clearly defined bad and good guys?

There’s the problem though, there is no such thing as dark magic. There is no such thing as light magic. Magic, like nature, does not abide by the human laws of justice. There is no right or wrong in nature, and really, magic is nature.

A hurricane can be horrifyingly damaging to the human and natural world, but the hurrican has no sense or control over what it is doing. A hurrican simply is, and that’s how magic functions as well.

At its core, magic is the manipulation and use of the energies that fill and surround every part of our world. Using tools for intention (tarot cards, crystals, candles, etc), we can manipulate those energies to our betterment or deterant. It is the person using those energies that decides whether they use it for blessing or harm, the magic itself is forever neutral.

Some examples of light magic are:

  • blessing a meal you made for a loved one in order to help them get over a cold
  • doing a crystal protection spell for your friend who just moved to a rougher part of town
  • creating a talisman for a safe journey over seas for your post graduation European beackpacking (binge drinking) tour

Some examples of dark magic would be:

  • performing a curse on the dude who cut you off on the freeway
  • doing a spell to make that hot guy you met on tinder, who then moved to Oregon, move back to California
  • pissing in a jar and burying it in your ex best friends front yard at midnight during the full moon to give her 7 years of bad luck

A hard and fast rule when doing magic of any kind is to make sure it is not interfering with someone’s free will. If you are manipulating someone’s ability to choose their destiny, you are making way for negatvity to enter your life.

It is an old Wiccan belief that anything you put out into the world comes back to you times 3. And that’s not to say that if you bring the hot guy back to California that 3 of your loved ones will move to Oregon, it means that something 3 times as severe will happen. Maybe a grandparent will die, you’ll get fired from your dream job, or you’ll lose something that is incredibly important to you (hence why I have not done it) (JK this isn’t an all too personal nugget of information that I’m sharing about my personal life on the internet) (I never do that).

Dark magic doesn’t exist and neither do dark witches, life’s way more grey than anything else. So while it is interesting to create stories about dark wizards and good witches, it over simplifies magic and life.

We are grey, nature is grey, the universe is grey. You get to decide the kind of impact you have on this world. What kind of impact will you leave today?

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