Aries You My Number 1

Today I am going to teach you all about the number 1 through the lens of the zodiac sign Aries.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and therfore it is the sign associated with the number 1. There are also planets and tarot cards associated with each of the numbers, but we’ll get to that stuff at a later date. All this metaphysical shit is connected like a dazzling spider web. Unless you are afraid of spiders, then it’s all connected like a disgusting spider web.

The number 1 can pop up in your life as your life path, soul, personality, destiny, or maturity number. It could also be the number of your personal year or month. It could be the time on the clock that you’ve managed to see every day for the past two weeks. It could be the number of the apartment that you live in. It’s meaning doesn’t change even if its placement in your life does, understanding repeating numbers and your foundational numbers (those things I listed up there) can help you to make sense of the world.

So, we are going to look at some classic Aries traits and I’ll explain how they correlate to the number 1.

Aries are great athletes. If you have any Aries in your life then you know that they love to move around. These are people with a lot of energy which needs to be put to good use, and that usually comes in the form of sports or movement arts. The number 1 is the number associated with someone who wants to be the best and it is this same energy that drives fire signs to excell at sports. 1 is the start, it is energy, it is ego, wrapped up in the passion of this fire sign.

So wherever the number 1 pops up in your life you can be sure there is a lot of exciteable nervous energy that goes along with it. When put to good use the number 1 (and an Aries) can be the start of something amazing.

Aries takes pride in their appearance. As this is the first sign of the zodiac, Aries natives are naturally inclined to care a lot about, not just how they look, but also the vibe that they give off. They have really high standards for themselves, and even if they can’t live up to those standards, they want you to hold them in high regards. The number 1 is about being an individual, about setting yourself apart from the crowd and celebrating all the things that are unique to you. Aries and 1 natives adore being themselves. At their best they know their worth, and at their worst they are self centered.

So wherever the number 1 pops up in your life you should focus on how you are presenting yourself to the world. Those things that are unique to you are the same things that will bring you luck and success in life.

Aries live in the moment. One of my favorite things about Aries people is that they tend to live in the ever present now. They reside very much in the physical world, so if you aren’t right there in front of them, they probably aren’t thinking about you. There is a strong independence in both the number 1 and its respective astrological sign, Aries. They are controlled by the ego which, when working at its highest vibration, makes them live in the moment.

So wherever the number 1 pops up in your life its a good time to stop and be grateful for all the surrounds you. Stop worrying about the past and future and relish in the joy of the moment.

Aries loves to try new things. Since this sign is so full of energy with a head full of dreams, these natives are the ones most likely to try something new. They are always starting new projects and chasing new goals, albeit many tend to be left unfinished. People who fall under a 1 are natural born entreprenuers, they are charismatic leaders because of their divine need to walk the path less taken. Their almost naive courage makes them leaders in any chosen field. Aries and 1 natives will happily lead you in any new adventure because if there is one thing they love more than adventure, it’s newness.

So wherever the number one pops up in your life it is a sign to use all those ideas bouncing around in your head. The number 1 is the number of beginnings, so don’t be afraid to launch before you’re ready.

The number 1 is a beautiful unique number, just like Aries people. It is the number of new beginnings, new ideas, energy, drive, passion, individualty, entrprenuership, and action.

If you have a 1 life path number then you should fully embrace all the qualities of this number to lead a harmonious and authentic life. If you live in apartment number 1 then it’s a good time to start new projects, maybe even lose those 10 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose (tbh I think you’re perfect the way you are). If you keep seeing 1:11 on the clock then it might be time to take that class you’ve been wanting to take or quit your job and become a creative entrepreneur.

Curious to see what your foundational numbers are and what they mean? click here to book a reading.

All the fire memes are from the Instagram notallgeminis. It’s the most fire astrology meme account. She’s not paying me to say that, it just happens to be the truth.

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