How to Perform a Glamour

If you love The Craft, which if you’re on my blog at all, I assume that you must be a fan, then you know the scene where Sarah perfoms a glamour spell. They’re in Nancy’s new high rise apartment when Sarah changes the color of her hair after, of course, changing the color of her eyes as well.

But what even is a glamour spell? It’s a change to your physical appearance that raises your energetic vibration in order in innact more success and luck through out the day. And now I’m going to teach you how to do it yourself.

The definition of magic(k) according to wikipedia is “The use of paranormal methods to manipulate natural forces” but I think wikipedia kinda missed the mark there. Magic is really just the manipulation of natural forces, nothing paranormal about it. Magic is about raising energy and and directing it towards a singular purpose.

Everything has energy. Trees, humans, rocks, water, paper, socks, dirty pennies, ash trays, everything has some sort of energy pulsating through it. Scientists know this. Spiritualists know this, but we go about it in different ways.

So to perform a magic spell, all you have to do is manipulate the energy around and within you and manifest it towards a certain goal. Witches use all sorts of tools, words, and rituals to help them raise and manipulate this energy, but at the end of the day all you need is your own mind. The candles and crystals help, but you are the true power sorce.

All you have to do to perform your own glamour is go to your closet, pick out a bitchin outfit, put it on, dance around in the mirror, put on some ass kickin boots, and seize the day. You can also plop yourself in front of a mirror and beat your face for the gods (AKA put on make up). Why do you think we created make up? To impress men? Absolutly not, make up is ye olde magick, hunnies.

Think about the times in which you felt fucking amazing in an outfit. Think about how different you go about your day when you have on red lipstick. Or what about your personality after you get your nails done? Think about the energy it gave you, the confidence it gave you, think about that inner transformation that happened by changing your exterior. That is magic.

Are you dissapointed? Did you think that some God in the sky had to get involved for you to do some otherworldy shit? well I’ve got news for you, magic is very real and very simple (though often times hard to enact) (but that’s what I’m here for, let mama teach ya).

When we feel good, everything about us changes. So today when you are getting dressed for work, or for getting drinks with that hot chick you matched with on tinder this week, remember this spell and put on something that feels like magic. You favorite jeans, cat eye liner, perfume, those are all magical tools!

The glamour spell is cool and all but how do I get the bitchin high rise apartment Nancy and her mom lived in in The Craft without killing my deadbeat step dad, because I don’t have one of those? And killing people with magic is def against my moral code. Stay tuned for a later blog post about dark magic. It, much like this blog post, is not what you’d expect.

Anyway, I hope you have a bitchin (witchin) day. Take a shot everytime I say bitchin in this post because who the fuck says bitchin outside of the year 2004?

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