11:11 Make a Wish!

Like most other people, I never really questioned the idea of making a wish when the clock strikes 11:11 and yet I had done it countless times. Why would I question it? No one else questions it, just like we don’t question making a wish when we blow out our birthday candles. Just like we don’t question the idea of a strange man breaking and entering into our house on December 25th to give good children presents. Just like we don’t question why any of that could ever possibly relate to Christianity…

I’m getting beside the point (unless the point is that you should question everything) (and that’s always the point)(so good job me for getting right to the point), which is that numerology may be able to shed some light on the theory behind making a wish at 11:11 (don’t forget that’s not really the point, the point is there is no point)(life is meaningless and everything is pointless).

A brief history of Numerology: Pythagoras was a mathmatician and a philosopher who believed that numbers have specific characteristics and vibrations. He studied the numbers 1-9, witnessing the kind of energy they shared and what sort of repurcussions they made. We already know this guy was a total freak for math, when he figured out A2+B2=C2 he ran out of his bath tub like a mad mad, dick out and proud, so he could write his genius equation down before he forgot it. Do we all know that, or was my 8th grade math teacher cooler than yours? Honestly, I don’t have any freaking memory of who my math teacher was. S/he on the first day of school asked the class if anyone wanted to go by another name and a small white boy in my class raised his hand and said, “call me Tyrek.” You know what s/he did? Called him Tyrek all damn year. Legend. Still don’t remember him/her/them.

ANYWAY, Pythagoras starting teaching this numerology bullshit stuff in the late 500’s BCE. His school of math and religion was like a big ol’ boys club (super secret, probably gay) and so we dont have a whole lot of concrete stuff to go off of. Rumor has it he found Venus and had a theory about how the planets make music (did I say gay?). A lot of other people were picking up what he was putting down, one of those people being yours truly. Also, and less notably, Plato, Euclid, and Aristotile.

Numerology works predominatly with the figures 1-9, however some double digit numbers are known to be master numbers. From numerologist to numerologist these numbers differ, but we all pretty much agree on 11, 22 (though some believe 33, and 44 are as well) (I think if we ackowledge those four then why not acknowledge 55, 66, 77, 88, 99? I digress… Again…).

11 is our first master number and a higher vibration of the number 2 which is about peace and cooperation, a very harmonious number. The number 2 is about being able to see all side of a situation, relationships, and helping other’s achieve their goals. The number is known to be all seeing because it can take in and process so much information. So when I say that 11 is a higher vibration that means that the number 11 uses the information that it aquires naturally and can manifest it into knowledge and useful information. While the lower vibration gets caught up in all it sees and struggles to make any decisions or find roots in anything. So whenever I start going on about higher and lower vibrations I’m talking about whether or not the number or person with that number in their chart is living harmoniously or not. If you function on a low vibration you probably aren’t dealing with your shit.

With the number 11 comes trials and tribulations because one cannot become wise unless one has experienced the full range of life’s emotions. It is through our trials that we grow mentally and begin to understand the world better. 11 is a very intuiative number and has inherent psychic ability. If you ask a scientist, this intuition comes from their ability to see and process more information than the average person.. 11’s are a joy to be around, they are like the wise mentor we all need, and indeed they often find their place in the world helping others and working towards a good that is greater than themselves. Their storied and often rough life makes them soft around the edges but strong at their core, aiding them in being great teachers and spiritual leaders. 

Fun fact, my destiny number is 11. Don’t know what a destiny number is? Click here.

So why is it a wishful number? I honestly can’t tell you a once and final answer but I can give some suggestions. If you believe in synchronicity (the theory that coincidences don’t exist)(tbh life is much cooler when you decide that coincidences don’t exist) then you may believe that it is the universe sending you a message telling you that you are either in a time of growth or reminding you that you have all the power of the number 11 inside of you. Whenever I see the number 11:11 on the clock I try to take a moment to think about what that number represents and bring it fourth into my day. I use it as a reminder that my past has created my present. I use it to remember that I am forever the teacher and the student. I use it to remember that I wish to bring more peace into this world, even if that peace only resides within myself that day.

If you believe in coincidences (whhhyyyyyyy), then perhaps it is simply the beautiful symetry of the number that makes you want to make a wish. As humans we will always lend our eye to aesthetics, and in that sense, 11:11 is a beautiful number to behold. So perhaps it, like the beauty of the first star we see in the night sky, is reason enough to be hopeful for the future.

Whatever the reason is, I hope you keep wishing and maybe the next time you see 11:11 you’ll remember that life is as magical as you make it.

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