I Don’t Think you Get It: Feminine and Masculine Energy

It was in November of 2014 when I decided that once and for all I was going to get into witchcraft. I had always been a spooky kid, I mean, were you even a little girl if you didn’t start a coven with your best friends in the third grade? If you didn’t you were probably a horse girl tbh.

Like most other tarot readers I was gifted my first deck at age 13 (this is totally a thing, 80% of tarot readers were gifted a deck at age 12 or 13, magick is real) and I enjoyed playing with them for years, however I didn’t take the time to seriously study the Occult/Paganism/Wicca/etc until 2014. Life was weird then, I was living at my parents house as a post college grad, I was working a job that kind that just fell into my lap, and I was honestly sleep walking through life. And then there was witchcraft…

Anyone who has done some reasearch into the Craft knows that there is one definitive place to start: Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book, AKA Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft. Like all esoteric books from before the 2000’s, it is delightfully spooky and inherently religious. Modern books on witchraft are more light hearted and easier for the masses to digest, however there is one commanality that I never felt very comfortable with, feminine and masculine energy.

Before I move on I’d like to explain the concepts of feminine and masculine energy because my issue is not with the theory behind the concepts, but with the names themselves.

Feminine energy is passive and intuitive. The associated elements are water and earth, which are in charge of emotions and the physical world respectively. Feminine energy is calm, reserved, earthy, and emotionally deep. This energy is connected with a deep understanding others as well as the Earth. Feminine energy is the moon and the oceans. It listens, it feels, it senses.

Mascuine energy is action! The associated elements are fire and air which are related to our intellect and passions, respectivly. Masculine eneregy is robust, it moves, it yells, it laughs, it chases after its goals. Masculine energy is smart, with knowledge gleaned from books and traditions. It is confident, it is the sun and all it surveys. Masculine energy gets shit done.

Now here is my qualm, naming these energies feminine and masculine is a misnomer. Men can have lots of feminine energy and vice versa. Why are we gendering energy? for fucks sake! I really struggled with this in the beginning and it’s one of the many reasons I can’t get behind Wicca (I have nothing against it, religion is just not for me). As I continued on in my esoteric studies I began to understand the energies more, and I do agree that those energies exist, however, the names are far too much of a burden and cause more trouble than they should.

And here’s the thing, we all need both masculine and feminine energy. Both are going to aid in the betterment and overall health of your life. No one should be all intuition or all tradition. No one should be completely passive or completely active. Life needs balance and humans need the gifts of both types of energies. This is expressed in the Chinese symbol of the yin yang, in that one cannot exist without the other. The yin dot on the yang side and vice versa sybolizes that in the masculine there will always be feminine, and in the feminine there exists masculine.

I was rewatching the new Queer Eye recently and the question, “Who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship?” came up in regards to one of the Fab Five and his partner. “Let’s unpack this,” Jonathan, a very feminine energy dominant man, said before he explained that that’s not how healthy relationships work. One is not in charge of the other, and no one should wear the pants all the time, it should be a partnership. And then Jonathan said that he prefers to use the terms Sun and Moon when talking about the amount of masculinity and femininty in a gay man, and I thought that was just perfect.

Wicthcraft has been around as long as humans have had conscious thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It is something that is so intrinsictly woven into who we are and because of that it is always changing. It’s not like common religions with hard and fast texts and rules, it is a forever changing entity, so let’s change it! Let’s stop calling these energies masculine and feminine because it just doesn’t suit our society today. Let’s follow Jonathan’s lead and start calling them Sun and Moon energies.

I hope you all can find a balance between your Sun and Moon energies today.



PS-I could go very feminist and really dive deeply into Sun and Moon energy and about how in modern Western society a lack of balance of these energies is relly fucking us up, but I’ll save that for another time perhaps.

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