Harry Potter’s Numerology Chart

We all know the tale of the Boy Who Lived. You probably either read the books so many times that the spines cracked or you watched the movies until the DVDs were literally no longer readable (I only did the latter because I am not a savage and always warm up the spines of my books before I read them so that they don’t crack). Hell, maybe you’re not even a fan at all but I bet you still know more than you wish you did about the wonderful world Harry and friends live in.

Let’s see if Numerology can reinforce this made up person, his values, and life goals. Rowling is a very well educated woman, but I highly doubt that she consulted a numerologist before she set about picking HP’s name and birthday. As I write this I seriously haven’t done his chart at all yet, so it’s anyone’s game as to whether this resonates or not. In the words of Strong Bad (sorry not a Harry Potter reference, where my early 2000’s internet trolls at), let’s get this train wreck a-rollin!

So, first things first, let’s calculate his life path number using his birthdate: July 31st 1980

So, second things second, Harry is a Leo and is anyone surprised? Answer: Nope.

Back to the life path: 7+31+(1+9+8+0)=56/11 (this is the trusted method I use, learned from Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane in their book Numerology and the Divine Triangle which is surprisingly not about vaginas at all).

Numerology passes this first test, much like when Harry Potter looked into the mirror of Erised and plop the scorcer’s stone was in his wee khaki pocket. 56/11 fits Harry Potter so well that I am going to get up from my tablet and do a sexy victory dance for myself before returning to continue writing.

The base number is 11 which is one of the master numbers according to numerology. Master numbers are divine vibrations and come with many added bonuses and strifes. People with an 11 in their chart, specifially as a life path number, usually have very hard upbringings filled with many tests and challenges. they are often sensative and full of anxiety as well as nervous energy. They are more naturally intuitive and connected with the spiritual side of life. 11’s are inspirational teachers who, after learning the lessons of their own lives, go on to help and teach others.

To get a deeper sense of what kind of 11 he is, we look to the numbers 5 and 6. 5 is the number of adventure, freedom, and conflict. 6 is the number of caregiving. Neither of these should come as a shock seeing as Harry’s life is one big adventure and if there is one thing he always tries to do, it’s take care of other people. 56/11’s often become famous but not from a desire to be so, but simply because of the paths they walk through life. They strive for peace and are often very charming. Family is very important to a 56/11 and they also tend to have friends in high places such as in the government and military. Read: He loves the Weasleys deeply and has a lot of adult friends.

*drops mic*

*picks mic up again* I’m not done, sorry for dropping the mic

These next few numbers are calculated using his full legal name. Every letter has an associated number from 1-9 depending on where it falls on the alphabet. A, J, and S are all 1, I and R are 9, etc.

The next number we are going to look at is Mr. Potter’s soul number. This is the number that relates to the more dreamy side of the boy wizard. It holds his hopes and dreams for the future, and gives us some insight into his emotions. If the life path number is who we are at our core, then the soul number is the layer that surrounds it. For Harry this number is 25/7.

25/7’s have to overcome many obstacles in their life. As a soul number it suggests someone who has visions in their dreams. Did you hear me in the back? He has prophetic dreams! He is wise, but he is wise because he had a rough childhood. Yup, I shit you not, having a rough childhood is inherent in this number. Because of his storied past he is observant and has a good eye for details that others generally miss. His alert and energetic mind is always on the hunt for new goals and enterprises. He has an adventurous disposition that requires him to move around a lot. His insatiable quest for knowledge makes him into a spiritual leader of sorts. People see him as someone they can follow.

Next up is his personality number. Now, this number is decidedly the least important out of the bunch, because it tells us how others perceive us. Sometimes this is a carefully cultivated facade, but generally it is more of a reflex. For Harry this number is 52/7. 

People see Harry as high minded, nobel, and a humanitarian. Well, everyone except Draco Malfoy. Oh, and Voldemort I guess. His ability to face any issue or adversary places him on a pedistool in many’s minds, this can cause feelings of isolation. He is seen as well educated but also someone who perceives things on a spiritual level. People see him as kind, patient, and couragous.

It’s interesting that his soul and personality numbers are almost identical, it suggests that he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. The reversal of the 5 and 2 says a lot actually. The way we read the double digit numbers is that the second influences the first, so the first number is actually more prevalent than the second. In his soul he is more of a cooperative peacemake (2) but he is influenced by adventure and conflict (5). But people see him as this thrill seeking, freedom loving adventurer (5) with a soft peace loving side (2). No matter whaich way you throw the dice, he’s still a base number 7.

The next number is his destiny number. This tells us the kind of person he will become after the trials and tribulations of his youth. The lessons we learn and the pain we suffer through in our formative years change us and aid us in growing into the adults we were always meant to become. For Harry this number is 77/5.

This number is one of comfort and protection. Either through thrift or mysterious unexpected means, this number garuntees material comforts. He is popular and confident, with an deep understanding of others’ wants and needs, because of this people are drawn to him. He is both sides of the coin, free and humorous, prudent and cautious. He has a need for acheivement and will likely rise to the top of  the ranks in a career based in social service or public life. A high level of society is inherent in this number, however it is coupled with a need to give back to the community or world.

The last number we will dive into is his maturity number which dictates who he will become when he reaches his mid life. Life changes in our 50’s, we slow down and smell the roses once the hard work of our 30’s and 40’s are behind us. We are constantly changing and life moves ever onward. In mid life Harry will vibrate at a 10/1.

10/1’s are old souls. They are wise and full of experience. This experience may come from past lives or simply from the experiences of your past. For Harry I’d bet it’s the latter. That dude has been through a lot, am I right? He is talented at influencing people and bringing them together because he radiates peace.He is a powerful person with a mission in life that rises far above the ego and speaks to the greater good of the world. His word is powerful and he is thought of as a leader. Through a deep connection with himself he can have complete attainment of all he desires, but these will not be earthly desires.

So that’s my boy HP, read to filth. I am being honest when I tell you that I didn’t do his chart before sitting down to write this, maybe it’s because I believe so devoutly in numerology, more likely it’s because I’m kinda lazy. I didn’t doctor any of these results, but you don’t have to believe me because I’m not here to sway any one, I’m here to have a good time! And I had a good time so that’s cool.

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